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i won $20 for traffic contest, yet they never pay me...
Maxim LevitskyFri Jan 16 1970
The links it creates all lead to some AD site
aala_firstFri Jan 16 1970
Porn and Spam distributors. Let's hang this fools!
Promotes one or more fraudulent "easy money" schemes which typically cannibalize the resources of their own new members as well as legitimate businesses through obscure, distributed networks of like-minded affiliates, straw men, and human or robotic zombie operators. Commonly, these schemes periodically reorganize under an alleged "crisis" after exhausting downstream members' resources. Because the pervasity of these schemes generally degrades the Internet's quality of information and resources, everyone loses. This site specifically solicits links for "Paid-To-Click" click fraud schemes which employ distributed zombie click spamming to artificially inflate affiliates' page rank and/or to drain competitors' pay-per-click advertising funds, a subject of successful lawsuits. Usually these web sites pose no immediate technical threat to visitors' computers. Details: UPDATED 07/13/2011: Majon International member site. Majon International primarily provides fraudulent black hat internet marketing services based on global networks of affiliated scam and spam operations, including distributed zombie click, link, blog, and email spammers who "drive traffic" to customers' sites to artificially inflate their search engine rankings by simulating organic links and legitimate visitors. Read the full details here: Don't throw away your money or your reputation for the enrichment of Majon International.
Hands down is the absolute best url shortener site on the web! Add audio to any of your short urls for Twitter or Facebook - Awesome! It's easy to use too. I love it! Anyone that does not like this free site has not used it!
This website is classified as a phishing website. It is associated with attempts to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. You should not enter confidential information on this website.
This site allows you to make money off URLs that have been shortened. You can use a free URL shortener and earn nothing or use this URL shortener and earn something every time someone clicks the URL. If you have a ton of Facebook followers or Twitter followers who click your links your are giving away money by using a free URL shortener. For me, using is a no brainer.
I had been looking for a Url Shortener and found easier to use than al the others and I found that you could do many other things at the site such as: Earn cash when you put your shortened urls in your Twitter or Facebook account, you could add audio or a music riff within seconds to any short url! free! and that it was really fast and there was nothing to download and that you could also earn cash when people clicked on your shortened urls on your webpage. can also help with product promotion and the set uo for all of this is really easy. It is convenient to be able to do all this at one site and it is a shame that I only recently found out about it.
Can exploit your broswer!
****SCAM site, use caution **** Source:

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