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This site does not vet all the information it posts. Folow the sources yourself to decide if it's true.
americancarpenter4Sat Jan 17 1970
News item on Louis Farrakhan did not include important context. Used cherry-picked quotes along with inflammatory language to paint a false picture while representing the piece as news.
Posts demonstrably false information. Outright misleading. Better categorized as an entertainment site in the vein of the Onion or DuffelBlog than as a journalistic site.
This website has a lot of articles on it that seem to drive the point that black people are "savage animals".
Rahul.RẻgoSat Jan 17 1970
This site is not a "news source which shows what other sources don't", it's a very much hateful, biased and unreliable site. The last part I only discovered when they posted a fake article about a Swedish boy being beaten by Muslims for having blue eyes. Google it.
Posts articles that source to blogs that even say what they wrote is completely false. I thought this was a satire news site but apparently not.
Website posts false articles and takes photos and excerpts from other journalists without requesting permission. Several reports have been made already to various organizations (IC3 and others). Stay away from this website!
I hate giving this a bad rating. I am a Christian that believes God's word, that we are to love Israel. But, this is not a reliable site as far as "news" goes. I've tried contacting them through their site AND their facebook page and have been ignored so far. But, they post MANY stories on both their site and facebook page that they've simply copied and pasted from other sites. That alone is not what I call journalism, though it seems to pass for it these days. But, they do not fact check anything they post... and they post a LOT of fake news stories. They're also somewhat hateful at times. My biggest problem is the misleading stories. People WANT to believe what they read, especially when a website claims to be in the business of sharing the truth. But SO many of their stories have been proven wrong and you can look around and see that all they've done was copied what they read elsewhere. Could be a good site if they stuck to the truth. :/
Publishes absolutely necessary information and views that are avoided or outright suppressed by many other media. Good site.
Some very hateful things such as calling for feminists to be stoned to death or burned alive.

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