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Jim Humble - MMS, Master Mineral Solution and CDS, Chlorine Dioxide Solution. Writings, Protocols and Testimonials.

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I have been using this product for two years, I have friends who use it, it's completely safe, tested on thousands, the FDA is just scared b/c it works! He does not spam nor does he make money from promoting it, he has independent sellers.
Willow MorningskyThu Jan 15 1970
This is a completely safe and trustworthy site. Certain people are trying to steal glory for themselves by discrediting the true person, Jim Humble, who discovered the healing benefits of this product. This is an excellent product and Jim Humble is not making any profit off of any sales. He simply is interested in seeing people heal without going into thousands of dollars of debt. Those who are trying to discredit him are the unscrupulous scammers who are bent on making money that is not their entitlement. Willow
PhilippeLepageThu Jan 15 1970
La FDA tentera par tous les moyens de discréditer Jim Humble, coupable d'avoir mis à la disposition du plus grand nombre un remède ultra-efficace contre des tas de maladies, et pour un prix dérisoire...
I have been SAFELY using MMS 1 and MMS 2 for some time now. It is incredible and helpful to have around. Use it for flus, teeth problems, and water disinfection. I would not trust the FDA which is soo corrupt with bought by Big Pharm. Why, in the country I live in, a lot of drugs allowed by the the US FDA are not allowed here due to their horrible, and dangerous side-effects. Jim Humble is credible. The FDA is NOT!
MaximilliumThu Jan 15 1970
FDA is posting false information and attempting to eliminate the use of MMS in favor of Big Pharma Co's who finance FDA.
Der Surf Safe Man ist ein gekaufter Pauschal Verunglimpfer, der alle Art verwandten Seiten beschmutzt. Schlimm. Gekauft!!!!!
Life risk. FDA gave warning because of severe adverse effects. Don't drink chlorine. It's stupid.
Completely safe site with incredibly important information!!!!
MMS is proving invaluable in our home. After careful and lengthy research we are using it with amazingly good results. We are following the Go Slow protocol and seeing conditions of many years duration reverse in weeks. Our FDA has spoken out against nutrients, herbals, colloidal silver and MMS - all of which are health giving when used appropriately. This site has the informatin all in one place tolet me make my choice about whether MMS is right for me. And it IS. I praise God for finding this information and think the WOT rating should NOT be a warning just because the FDA is on a vendetta against cures!
My wife, my son, and I have all used MMS with excellent results. Both my wife and son have suffered from reflux which MMS has cleared up. My wife no longer suffers from rosacea and psoriasis. MMS is clearing a toe fungus problem I have.

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