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TWiT Live - Watch live as Leo Laporte and his friends talk tech round the clock.

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Leo Laport's live webcam feed for his daily netcasts.
Leo Is the Internet God
nukemdomisThu Jan 15 1970
Leo's site is about as safe as they come. He runs the TWiT network. SAFE WEBSITE
Sonic74523Thu Jan 15 1970
One of the best podcast websites I've gone to.
Gotta love Leo Laporte!
JustinthetwitThu Jan 15 1970
No way there's a security problem with this site, this is the site that plays Security Now!!!!!
thejasonhowellThu Jan 15 1970
Leo is UHmazing!
Of course this is a secure page. It's Leo Laporte's!!
AltowarriorThu Jan 15 1970
Site is perfectly safe.
They have taken actions to protect your privacy and security.

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