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LiveJournal is a vibrant global social media platform where users share common passions and interests. With hundreds of communities built around popular interests, like entertainment, celebrity gossip, music, food, travel, fashion, parenting, pets, and more, LiveJournal users express themselves through creative journaling and lively commentary.

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Site policies have changed to become significantly stricter. User settings for privacy are often ignored. Advertising, once explicitly prohibited from the site, is now quite common. Content is often removed from the site without any explanation or justification.
Contains adult content. NOT suitable for children
Frequently changes terms of service in ways that are confusing and restrict legitimate communication
many subdomains of used by spammers
If you want to use this service normally, you will have big banners in your writings. But there is another way! Unfortunately it is not free.
It's not safe for kids at ALL. There's a lot of really graphic stuff of LJ, and who knows how many pedophiles are on there?
cnsteltenpThu Jan 15 1970
It's... okay. It can be really bad for kids, because there are a lot of weird/graphic communities and journals out there. They change their service terms pretty often as well, which can pose some problems. They also need better ways to prevent fake accounts from robots and the like. The whole paid account stuff is a ripoff. If you're looking just for a journal, you're fine though.
OriginalSachsenThu Jan 15 1970
Es ist zwar schön und gut, wenn man seinen eigenen Blog verfassen kann. Man möchte sich kostenlos registrieren und landet in einer Falle. Es wird sofort der PLUS-Account für 2 $ im Monat freigeschaltet. Wer nicht weiß, wo die Einstellungsseite zum Downgrade des Accounts liegt, hat dann ein Problem.
joeyhustleThu Jan 15 1970
Fun site, beware of groups with nudity though...
дохрена спама

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