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An extremely reliable webmail with a great user interface. Spam filtering is excellent. I've used only the Google Apps version lately though and my only complaint is the lack of better support for multiple domain names.
Gmail is an excellent webmail: easy, with a lot of space and a good spam control.
PatchharrisThu Jan 15 1970
The best email ever!!!
No problems at all. Trusted.
Login ForewerThu Jan 15 1970
Really the best e-mail service on the net.
hemicalyactionThu Jan 15 1970
The best free e-mail system I ever used
good interface, enough room to read email, great spam filter and useful labeling options. Only email I use, better than Hotmail, Inbox, or any other email sites.
Jared GrayThu Jan 15 1970
I use Customize Google & Better Gmail in Firefox..
A great Email site
Love it, need it, love it

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