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Jesse.WilliamsSat Jan 17 1970
Great site. Cloud based app does what it promises. Maximum dpi output is at 300, which is somewhat good. The only thing I would change is maybe adding higher dpi output. But the jpg image is clean. Overall I rate at 5 stars.
CaroleNiceSun Jan 18 1970
Pdf2jpg did exactly what it said it would, very quickly. I didn't have to download any software. The image quality is excellent. Great site.
Yep, the site does convert PDF to JPG for free.
I trust this site it is good ree service
für mich sehr nützlich und schnell
This site will sell or distribute any personal information contained in the documents you upload. Their privacy policy is simply a lie. I know this from personal experience. I uploaded a PDF resume file containing an email address that had never been used before, but had existed for 4 months prior. I am 100% positive it was compromised by this site. The address had never received any mail, and no mail was ever sent from the address. It had also never been displayed anywhere online. It was simply a dormant email address for 4 months. Within hours of using this site, I began to receive spam mail, and am now getting multiple spam emails every day. Use this site at your own risk - even if you upload a document containing no personal info, they may be able to strip meta data.
Trojan horse!! Good thing I have McAfee because it quarantined the Virus! Do not use this site!
Be careful. Today, there was a big "Start Download" with directions to download, install, start. This is a misleading, commercial link. To use the free service, click on "Chooose PDF/Browse" then "Convert" . On next page, click "View" and "Download". For converting topo maps, I found 150 dpi too coarse, but 300 dpi was good enough.
lorraine.brwSun Jan 18 1970
Cool site, fast and easy :) And free :)

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