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It is a pretty cool start menu replacement but: - it will gather and send anonymous information about usage without user's consent (their argument was that it's for improving the software and that there are many services that use these schemes (like Google for example) but this is an application on your computer, not a web service. Google is a web service and when you're doing a search you use their servers. This application is installed on your machine and you have the give consent to what it's doing on your PC.) - it has a "Popular apps" bar that cannot be disabled and it gets annoying - it's not a real start menu, it's a toolbar (can be enabled/disabled via right clicking on your taskbar and pointing to toolbars then Pokki) - it's buggy, don't use the "disable all hot-corners" option Every respectable app has options for disabling ads and sending of information about usage.
Sends anonymous information without your consent. Slows your computer down. Got detected by Windows defender as a Virus. (BrowserModifier/Pokki)
This business disseminates games that constitute and unwarranted intrusion into the users computer (changing homepage settings, ads, collects information on the user) and should not be trusted.
Houve uma detecção: Obs.: não sei o quão verídico é esse antivírus.
wigglerthefishFri Jan 16 1970
Useful site and app!
Windows Defender recently has identified Pokki's start menu and game applications as malware on Windows 8.1 laptops Windows Defender was able to remove the malware. It is not really malicious, but it is definitely a PUP. The software will add pop-ups to your system that are really rogues, disgusied as improvements. But it is really the PUP, trying to change your homepage: For reference, please visit Microsoft Answers link here: A Yellow WOT rating from me..
Spyware and adware in this program. Hijacks homepage and user setting, and is very difficult to remove.
This is spyware sometimes pre-installed by manufacturers such as Toshiba. The software does not work as described and has a reputation for slowing computers down and being difficult to remove. It is recommended that all instances of their software be completely removed and manufacturers who take money for such things be boycotted until this sort of business practice is stamped out of existence. This also is yet one more reason why it is very favorable to build your own desktop and completely bypass the manufacturers.
Bardzo przydatne aplikacje, np. Youtube app lub Facebook app. POLECAM GORĄCO!!! :-)

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