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path2prosperityFri Jan 16 1970
RealScam is the best consumer advocate service, which I have come accross since coming online in 2002. Ponzi and scam promoters will do their best to cast aspersions on the site and any person who posts favourably about RealScam. The more people who join WOT and post good comments about a superlative service the better, as the ponzi promoters will try to wreck RealScam's reputation in order to propagate their own brand of con artist advertising boards ( like Adlandpro), as a trusted site.
The site is hateful toward suspect scams, scams, and people who promote them, esp. HYIP, Ponzi, Pyramid, and in some cases, suspicious MLMs. As a result, this site is universally hated by proponents of such schemes. The site can be snarky, insulting, and boisterous, toward people who operate and promote such schemes. It is obviously not for everyone... esp. people who operate such schemes. Yes, there's hate on this site... but it's for a good cause. So you wonder about "make money fast" and similar scams and schemes, you should check out RealScam, EVEN THOUGH people trying to recruit you would tell you don't visit "negativity", hate, and such. Never trust stuff from only one site, of course. Do what Reagan said: "Trust, but verify." See if the evidence presented is real, verify it yourself, and check other viewpoints. It's an information source, nothing more.
Informative site. Outs online scams and pyramid schemes. Tries to educate the masses. Personal attacks are made by some scam members trying to defame the website and forum posters' names.
What happened to the ratings for this site? They WERE here. Why did they disappear? Something fishy seems to be going on here. Does WOT have something against Realscam?
There's no privacy there, the site posts peoples' full names without permission. The mywot ratings bar for privacy is definitely being manipulated at a ridiculous 60% rating. MyWOT ratings are not reliable.
Cat in the EggplantFri Jan 16 1970
I would say that something like Web of Trust is built to rate more traditional websites, rather than consumer protection sites such as this one. For example, the "Vendor reliability" meter is completely meaningless in this case, and the "Child safety" meter only applies so far as foul language and adult graphics, neither of which appear to be much tolerated by the site moderators. The privacy issues that kcvan brings up do exist, but on the other hand, she appears to be spin doctoring the cause of this kind of personal information being posted there. Much of the information being compiled and posted appears to be being gathered from elsewhere online, and often is exposed in conjunction with links to official websites dealing with legal issues that the person in question is alleged to be violating.
WhateverhappenedtoCommonSenseFri Jan 16 1970
If the ratings for a consumer advocate site like Real Scam are influenced by anyone who joins WOT who votes (and posts their opinion) for whatever reason without having to justify it, then the value of the ratings is highly suspect. In this case it would appear that the ratings have been negatively influenced by people who promote the very same get-rich-quick schemes that Real Scam are trying to warn consumers about. It is interesting to note that the principal protester on the comments list on the topic of publication of names is someone who has put her own name and personal information out on the public web when promoting online earning schemes and has been called to account to justify their legality using the same publicly available information. WOT may be of value to rate product based sites where complaints are usually factual, but does not serve any useful purpose in evaluating sites where agenda driven opinions affect the ratings. Does anyone from WOT verify information before putting out warnings on sites?
This is an opinion-based site, which is basically meaningless. Many of the opinions are coming from non-North-American members who have no clue about the Better Business Bureau or any North American business laws. RS owner hides behind Domains By Proxy and is not identified, and the ownership of RS has changed numerous times within a few years. The rules are something like...Don't Be A Jerk...what kind of rule is that? Members of this site engage in and encourage cyber-bullying, profanity, harassment that extends to following people to other networks to harass them elsewhere, posting screenshots of sites and claiming it's a different site, blatant lying, this is a hate site, definitely not child-safe, not reliable for valid business information, and some of the main posters are people who have been terminated from other networks for causing problems on other sites. Members of RS have also probably tried to manipulate ratings here at mywot and give false comments against good businesses.
It is an anti-scam website!!! Of course all the scammers are going to give it a bad rating because it is causing them to lose money!! RealScam exposes the money games and tells it like it is by using links and verification of fraudulent programs. Some give their opinions which is stated and the evidence is listed there for you to decide if you are involved in scam or other money-making schemes. You will note the ones screaming the loudest about this website are those who are known scammers!! Check them out and then you decide. Come join RealScam and get in the fight to rid the internet of get-rich-schemes or at least expose them so people can avoid getting scammed. Great website!!
An excellent resource for checking out scams. The bad comments left by 'kcvan' are because Kathleen Vanbeekom has a serious dislike for people who get in the way of her scams. Google her name.

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