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laura_goldenSun Jan 18 1970
I have no idea how I ended up here, but everything happens for a reason. I didn’t even google a SEO company, just SEO analytics. Not complaining yet, though. No one in my office knows how all that SEO and optimization works, but sales are growing, so it works for me.
jessicayates96Sun Jan 18 1970
I ordered the template video about my grooming beauty salon in Semalt. Everything is perfectly well. I completely satisfied with their services. I encourage everyone to order their explainer videos.
Ila LabrieSun Jan 18 1970
Nothing’s real in the world anymore, only people being crazy about likes and dislikes and if somebody cares about their photos and website. I stopped caring and started SEO promotion. These guys know what’s up, so big thanks to them!
GreatMarkoSat Jan 17 1970
This site, which appears to be a bot/crawler, is massively spamming one of my sites, and messing up my Google Analytics data with 100% bounce rates from this sites referral spam. The site does now appear to have a removal request form at semalt (dot) com/project_crawler.php however, it remains to be seen whether removal requests are respected. In the meantime, avoid this unethical/spammy site!
imtiazdannySat Jan 17 1970
This spam site is now freaking me out! It is sending viral spam bot to my site and please don't visit this site. It will send more and more spam bots, if you visit it.
Benjamin_GoddardSun Jan 18 1970
You guys are gods of SEO analytics! I don't give a damn about what anybody else says. Great job!
patricerocheleauSun Jan 18 1970
Trust is the most precious thing. Can’t find a trustworthy business partner without some digging. My business is only for the best! Thanks for help! I owe you one!
محمد.بذلیSun Jan 18 1970
good site or good site seo analiz
Big thanx to SEMALT and to our project manager David! I dont think I could find any better SEO specialist. I had a lot of experience with different "BEST" SEO experts but mostly there where only words without any mindblowing results- lost money and time. With Semalt I got what I needed- nice and open conversation, no big promeses, but all they say they will do. Our results in 2 months are more than perfect. There are a lot of BS talk in the internet about Semalt, but now i see this is not true, I just can't understand who and why hates them so much- probably their competitors:) Thanx from Estonia!
Don’t like SEO just like all businesses which make money out of air. It’s my personal opinion. But if I don’t know how to do something, I’d rather pay someone who knows. Semalt is not the worst option.

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