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Homepage for Western Canada cable company.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Shaw communication is the leading entertainment and communication company
they have taken actions to protect your privacy and security
SCAM! Poor services and no support. Waste of money.
I_hate_spamSun Jan 18 1970
I received a spam email (job scam) through them today. I attempted to file a spamcop report, and was informed that they do not accept munged reports. i.e. reports where spamcop removes your email address to protect you from retaliatory attacks. So, you have to bypass all the warnings and open your email address to more rubbish. It seems that shaw thinks the best way to deal with spam reports is to stick their fingers in their ears and hum loudly. That's why I refuse to use any shaw service.
flamerlizard1Sun Jan 18 1970
Other than not honestly giving customers info. The new Hitron modem is garbage. Pull a couple cables out and the internet will break for not and all computers. Shaw now charges you $12 per month for a router and pc combo. They got greedy.

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