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Deborah S.Wed Jan 14 1970
Gives the real story behind the most popular urban legends. Fun to read through, but also a useful reference to know if you're dealing with a scam or not.
wilburpootlinThu Jan 15 1970
Great place to look when you get some crazy e-mails.
manictigerSat Jan 17 1970
Some of the 'myth busts' are myths. Some of the so-called 'studies' they use as sources are from people who have been paid to slant the results. That's not science. Rated yellow as "opinions, religion, politics." Question everything they call 'fact'.
Good site. But, even with pop-up blockers, have pop-ups.
Kevin07140Thu Jan 15 1970
Useful site. They need to do something about the pop-ups. Happens even with a pop-up blocker on.............. I have since installed the add-on Ad Blocker Plus (ABP). Seems to have solved the issue.
Annoying popup windows to red/potentially harmful sites
Unbelievable left wing crap heavily financed by George Soros claiming to be an unbiased "Final Word"..Don't buy in to the hype...As far as scam emails and such "419's" they can be a good resource but there are plenty 419 sites to check that would be just as useful... Do your homework people and don't put all your trust into 1 website to think for you!!..
A great first stop in attempting to debunk the stories your mother-in-law keeps forwarding to you. They seem to keep very up-to-date on the latest urban legends.
Very useful as a tool to debunk the many urban legends that a surprising number of people take seriously.
forgot to add, watch out for those pop ups but still a useful site

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