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justinx222Thu Jan 15 1970
Many downloads contain malware!
SanguinityThu Jan 15 1970
Through McAfee SiteAdvisor's ratings and overall review of, the average analysis shows that the website is hosting material and content through a search engine, which appears rather safe, secure, and totally operational. Unfortunately, numerous users have encountered issues with their computers! The website is guilty of browser exploit and manipulating the applications connected to Internet Explorer through the registry system of one's server! Be extremely cautious and careful on the Internet!
cool site
but there are some good tools from which i was benefited and very thankful to the site..I hope all the problems are reduced sooner and it will be the better one comparatively..
superduper201Fri Jan 16 1970
With so many bad reviews, I wonder why they have such a good rating... Could it be fake?
Many downloads contain malware!
woxiangnileThu Jan 15 1970
not bad.
Site loaded with stolen content and links to malware. I found my own copyrighted content on this site, and when I tried to click a link to see it, my anti-virus software reported that it stopped a trojan horse from this site. BEWARE.
Good tools ......Well done .
LuxeBC LtdFri Jan 16 1970
Great Chinese search engine

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