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wehaveitallWed Jan 14 1970
This site is a very useful Spanish Dictionary. They just recently improved this further to have more accurate results, recommended search queries as you type your query in, and to have some words in past tense.
sineintegralThu Jan 15 1970
Spanish translation site
Among the best online Spanish-English dictionaries. One of my favorite features is that you can translate entire sentences.
sd17priversThu Jan 15 1970
great site. uses 3 translators. Mostly accurate
FracturedPennyThu Jan 15 1970
Very good translator.
Useful online Spanish-English dictionary and translator.
good translator
Sweet2kill210Thu Jan 15 1970
I love this website for when I want some extra study time or when I really need accurate help from their good community with translating something from Spanish to English. :) Oh, and I almost forgot to mention their badass translator. ;)
theJoshMeisterFri Jan 16 1970
Warning: This site has well-documented, ongoing problems with recurring infections and/or infected advertisements. The site operators are apparently more interested in advertising revenue than keeping their users safe. On 9 August 2012, this site (or one of its auto-loading advertisements) automatically redirected to FakeAlert malware sites. I was able to reproduce, personally observe, and confirm this. I informed the site admins and they claimed they couldn't reproduce it but blamed their advertisements. Rather than remove the suspected ad code from their site, they left it in place and tried to pass the burden of researching the problem onto their users (most of whom probably have no experience with malware research or HTML code analysis). I searched Google for this domain plus the word malware and was surprised to see that this is an ongoing problem and that there have been several past incidents when the site or its ads have tried to infect users, including 13 days ago when a user said they had been redirected to malicious pages "a couple times" in the past month. Incidents have also been reported 9 months ago, 1 year ago, 2 years ago, and 3 years ago. There have probably been other infection incidents; these just came up in the first two pages of search results. The incident from yesterday wouldn't have been publicly documented at all if I weren't writing it up here on WOT. I strongly recommend using other translation sites that are safer to use. For example, is a good, safe alternative if you just need to translate words or sentences between English and Spanish (or other languages).
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