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dinomario10Thu Jan 15 1970
I got a virus from here or somewhere else, but it's called "System Antivirus 2008", fake popups, fake Microsoft icons and stuff... Process called "b.exe" (popups from tray) and "sav.exe" (System Antivirus 2008). I'm gonna report!
This is rogue (fraudulent) security software!
Rogue software!
I was emailed by a person called Zack who wanted us to write a review about this site and was offering $50. I did a little research and there wasn't much bad press about this site so I offered to blog about the site, big mistake. I continued to research after the $50 funds never were paid and I came across mywot and one other site that's well known and a respected source that indicated this site as dangerous. Stay away from this source even if it looks legit.
This website distributes fake security software. Do not visit, do not download!
Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970
@lukeosborne: Mcafee doesn't know jack when compared to WOT, Avast! and Spybot S&D. That's why I stopped using their software a long time ago.
It killed my friends pc! killed! So bad that it can't even reinstall windows! killed!
Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970
The site may seem useful, but it's just another one of the badguys trying to rob you. Don't take the bait: stay far away from this page! In greater detail, this page fakes like it tries to remove spyware from your system, yet it turns out that it is a malware distributor in disguise. As for the issue between Spywareremover and Spywareremove, there is no confusion! They are both malware domains!
kkarolczakThu Jan 15 1970
stronka infekuje kompa fałszywymi wirusami, żeby kupić soft
Rogue Software warning!

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