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aravind.pattarThu Jan 15 1970
no doubt its a Very good site for exchanging information .. There are many expert programmers from whom you can seek help and you can develop your skills, also can help the fellow programmers .. :-)
Extraordinary site for coders, with some of the coding gurus of the internet age.
Very good resource for people programming in many computer languages (C, C++, Java, etc.). Community driven. Users are attributed Reputation points with votes from other users, based on usefulness and relevance of answers. In turn, high Reputation users can exert control over message posts (e.g. editing posts when relevant).
good source of information
georg_schifFri Jan 16 1970
Really one of the best sites in the net if you need some help with your code! Also, I think it's really great that you will not be forced to register and can still read all the entries in the forum.
Useful site.
NotThatGregSat Jan 17 1970
This is an excellent resource for programmers, who want to learn something (general or specific) about almost anything, or who enjoy helping others by answering their quesions. Or, both! Occasionally there is a well-intentioned but incorrect answer, but these are usually quickly corrected by others. Discussons are, with very very few exceptions, polite and on-topic, which is a refreshing change from many 'chat forum' sites.
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thallisphpThu Jan 15 1970
Useful content
Excellent site, extremely active and helpful community - simply the best collaborative information source after Wikipedia (and by far the best when it comes to software development)

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