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They share your personal information and break EA's EULA.
Moderators abuse users accounts by using their private information to log in to other sites under their user's names and shares their users private information. The site is flooded with annoying ads and popups, along with adult content, making the site non-PG13 as they claim they are. They are also in breach of EA's EULA by charging for content.
TSR is not child-safe, bans members for absolutely no reason, and has been caught sharing its subscribers' Paypal information. Furthermore, this site engages in and profits from illegal activity in violation of EA Games' EULA. They also make no attempt at obeying COPPA or protecting the personal information they demand from children.
A lot of inappropriate content, "horny" as a selectable mood and pedophilia is rampant.
A horrible website that parades around pretending to be a family friendly place yet has some of the smuttiest content around.
The latest; The stole a persons creations, out them up for sale and hacked their account on ANOTHER site to keep them quiet: They also put spyware in their downloads, and that's the ones you pay for.
They play favorites. Claim to be PG-13 when they clearly aren't. If you download something you have to buy with real money, and if you tell them it doesn't work in your game or it broke your game, they will freeze your account immediately and keep your money! Don't waste your breath with them.
Voted low on child safety beacuse of a lot of adult content. Check this thread for examples:,1871.0.html Edit: No it's not a bad attempt to make TSR look bad. Just look at the pictures and judge for yourself. Theese are SCREENSHOTS from TSR! I wouldn't want my kids (if I had any) watch at that stuff.
Comments regarding adult material on this site are a deliberate attempt to sabotage its standing in a large gaming community.
TSR claims to be PG-13, but , in fact, they are not. OK site for adults; however, kids are encouraged to post personal information that can identify themselves and attract the wrong sort of people.

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