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Sn3akyP3t3Fri Jan 16 1970
I did not make a purchase from this vendor. However, I have an email receipt sent to my email inbox and since then I've received at least on email per day from them with ads. This led me to believe they are using invasive practices. Arriving at their site to remove myself from their garbage list I see they are using plenty of known privacy invading and spam associated javascript references at page load time. A site that endorses the practices or uses the tools of a known spam site shall receive error carried forward ratings.
BlackMagicThu Jan 15 1970
Legit shopping site.
Is known for ripping off designer's work and reselling it as their own merchandise. Example:
bronhofferFri Jan 16 1970
Lots of cute dresses!
The official site of Urban Outfitters apparel company. Good selection of fashionable clothes, books, and records. Site is easy to navigate, simple order process. Great music blog if you want to be fashionable and in trend in terms of music. In response to Otter81: Ah? Welcome to the world of fashion...I didn't see your "ethical issues" negative comment on the scorecard for ripping off all of those runway looks. People steal inspiration and ideas from each other all the time in fashion and in almost all design/creativity driven industries. If you're gonna call out Urban after reading a Huffington post article, do a little research and follow-through on the remaining 500+ fashion companies ripping off independent and vintage designs across the industry.
Nice looking site
This site owner automatically subscribes people that purchase from them and require them to then unsubscribe AND then continues sending spam. This is clearly not legal and is unsolicited.
Great customer service. I order from them all the time and never had any issues
Poor customer service.
little but lovely things

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