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Discover amazing, unique accommodations in 190 countries. With more than 15 million nights booked worldwide, Airbnb is the world leader in travel rentals.

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compumaniaSun Jan 18 1970
Informative und empfehlenswerte Web-Seiten. Habe bisher hier nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht.
NEVER EVER USE THEIR SERVICES!!! Briefly, we booked a place and it was totally misrepresented in the ad. Filthy disgusting; undisclosed pets, smoking, and other renters on the property; filthy creepy host; undisclosed "psychoanalysis" sessions downstairs... I mean, it was bad. Broken pint glass in the dog pen, dried blood on the bedroom floor... And airbnb is refusing a refund of the deposit. Just spreading the word.
Ada is very knowledgeable and helpful, she quickly responded to all my issues and promptly resolved them. The site is a good one and I trust this website and would recommend it to anyone. Leslie C.
Colleen JoyceSat Jan 17 1970
Have used airbnb in Branson, MO, Novi, MI and most recently in Bermuda. Have had nothing but great experiences and would highly recommend this site to others.
brook.logenSat Jan 17 1970
very good site for renting and sableting apartments for short time all over the world. make traveling yeasier and cheaper
p3rinceTestSat Jan 17 1970
Book homes from local hosts in 191+ countries and experience a place like you live there.
A great web for finding accommodation and advertising your own property for rent. When you find a dodgy listing on the web and you report it, they deal with it. Highly recommended.
HatchepsoutFri Jan 16 1970
Really nice places to stay !
kenilchattieroSun Jan 18 1970
I have always loved airbnb both as a guest or host, regardless the fact that they get about 20% of commissions and that this percentage is hidden. As a host I have the following experience: Airbnb has issued several times payouts with lower amounts than the one shown in the booking. I start to think that they do it in purpose. This is actually a fraud and makes me not trust Airbnb anymore. - POSITIVE - AIRBNB REPRESENTS THE FAIR TRADE FOR TRAVEL There are so many empty homes and rooms in the world that we would not need hotels at all and even homeless would have always a space. The speculation and the destructive business approach of hotels is in fact one of the cause of the global crisis: the most of the money goes in the pocket of few (hotel owners) and to serve just a small elite (rich people that can afford Hotels). Not to mention that Hotels are not environmental, social or cultural friendly, often tourists are 'stored' in hotels where they alienate themselves from reality in lux and superficiality. HELPING PEOPLE WITH LITTLE INCOMES AND EVEN HOMELESS Airbnb is actually preventing homelessness by giving people with low incomes the possibility to share some spaces and costs. Often airbnb fills the gaps in the institutional welfare system. SOLUTION FOR MEDIUM TERM ACCOMMODATION For those who travel few months for  business, study or other projects, Airbnb represents the best solution, offering a great platform where to get to know your host. - REMARKS - UNCLEAR PAYMENTS The payments that you get via the bank are hard to recognize for which booking they are: the amount is not exactly the same like the one on the "reservation" page and there is no guest's name on the transaction's details. TOO HIGH FEES The fees are sometimes above 10%, that's too much, but I see that also that international bank transaction may cost a lot to AirBnb. NO NEGATIVE REVIEWS? There are never negative reviews, how is it possible?! Please be honest and make people choose to review: Positive/Neutral/Negative MORE FAIR PRICED SUBLETS PLEASE The market prices of sublets are much lower than the one you find on AirBnb - FEATURES REQUEST -  EMAIL ALERT Would be nice to have automated emails alert for property matching your criteria; LONG-TERM CANCELLATION POLICY Keep in mind that if you stay long term and want to cancel the booking, you will loose at least one month of rent. CREDITS SYSTEM / PAYMENTS Please create a feature where you can choose to not get paid with money, but with credits that you can accumulate to travel yourself. Like on NightSwapping, where you DON'T NEED LEGAL PERMISSION from the institutions to rent and DON'T HAVE ISSUES WITH TAXES DECLARATION, because you are not getting paid. Maybe NightSwapping could be integrated even with their staff? COMMENTS RATING Finger up/down for comments, like on YouTube or disqus, with option to have the most helpful comment staying on the top.
sofia.lankraSat Jan 17 1970
this site helped me alot finding an appartment to rent for my vacation, very detailed, people are very trustable

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