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SkebWepticSat Jan 17 1970
This site is written by a guy who is profiting from the referrals that he generates on his website from credit card processing. He presents himself as an objective former industry insider, but the reality is, he is profiting from his present day referrals to credit card processors!!! So it's not surprising the way he stretches the truth and outright just lies about some companies' practices. I suspect that the "comments" at the bottom of a lot of the "reviews" on this site are just sock puppet accounts, not real people, and certainly not real comments. (I have personally had experience with two of the major companies with poor reviews on this site, and the comments are far fetched and do not portray an accurate picture of either company whatsoever.) I think this site is a scam site designed to just capture peoples' business when they go use the old Google to look up the company who just called them.

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