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EdX offers free online classes and MOOCs from the world’s best universities. Topics include business, computer science, finance, history, literature, math, science, statistics and more. Courses are from some of the best universities in the world including MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UT and many other universities.

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Oskar EichelFri Jan 16 1970
Great site.
jonkimnickoFri Jan 16 1970
Safe site.
chetan1991Fri Jan 16 1970
good site. find your course to learn. no spam.
The ShadowSat Jan 17 1970
This site requires too much personal information be given before anyone can access its "free" content.
Free online courses offered by one of best universities.
Jose R RodriguezSat Jan 17 1970
Similar to MIT openCourseWare. Online learning with material provided.
Educational Site, The only emails you receive if your register an account are reminders of the online courses signed up for and notifications of new courses once in a month
KnightHarbingerSat Jan 17 1970
Yet another free/open source inspired education resource por la masses!
This website has the best offer of computer science courses. Most courses are free, but you can get a verified certificate for some small amount. And yes, a certificate from this site helped me get an entry job. To all of you who are hesitating, I recommend you to start learning. You have nothing to lose.
Have taken classes here with which I have been delighted. Decided to pay for certificates, but not required to.

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