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Lots of teenagers on the site with no control as to how you set your age limit. The children can be prayed upon easily.
BonnieJeneThu Jan 15 1970
This is one of the safest sites around. You can be as Anonymous as you want.
More honest people interaction than F.B.
No way to tell if an adult has posted a profile as a juvenile.
forum spammer link spam promoted on
I just dont see the need to share with total strangers.
You remove your account but they still keep your profile page up. No thanks, done with this website.
webwandererxSat Jan 17 1970
oh this site. It was ok maybe 5 years ago. Now its garbage. They ban people for nothing. Be careful if you go on here, Do NOT talk to any of the "volunteers". If you bug them in any way at all, you will get your account banned right quick even if you did nothing at all (minor disagreement = banned). Also the site has some adult content so beware of that. Really the entire site is now run in a really fascist way though so I'd avoid it if I were you. Its NOT good anymore. You have to be REALLY careful with what you say. They claim you can share your "experiences" but not really. You best just write happy stuff on how you love blah blah band (music) or are a fan of certain mainstream stuff. This site: NO. Avoid it. Its horrible. Too many scuz type people on it too in spite of all this.
When I went to this site my virus controls malicious content box popped up.
Missouri.ChanSat Jan 17 1970
This site SEEMS legit. Not saying it is, not saying it isn't. But, if you join Experience Project, realize that even though there are a lot of interesting groups that may appeal to you to join, there are a ton of pervs on that site. A lot of them are there to date, even when you make it clear that YOU ARE NOT there to date. It just attracts even more pervs to you. I left for a reason and I'm never going back. Some of those folks act like they don't know how to read. DON'T JOIN THIS COMMUNITY. I OFTEN questioned if it was actually a porn community posing as a social site. They won't be seeing me again!

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