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AnonymousSpecialThu Jan 15 1970
Freedom of speech
icemaniceman1111Thu Jan 15 1970
I love this site and check it often. It keeps track of political developments around the world. USA based. Libertarian, center right
If haters show up, they're quickly dispatched. Among the most well balanced political sites around. Acewrap is WAY off base
LGF board op is confused as to his political leanings. Started as conservative then flipped to liberal. Seems to never have given much thought to either position.
Extremely racist, left-wing hate blog
porkopolisFri Jan 16 1970
Site operator radically changed his political views and banned almost all users who didn't change with him, describing almost all former associates as "racists." Site theme now heavily focuses on hate speech against Christians. Has been known to "out" users he doesn't like, using their private PayPal donation info. Has admitted editing his old posts without telling anyone, refuses to allow to archive his posts or user comments, deletes old content which is now embarassing to him. Blocks people he doesn't like from even reading the site. Be very careful about joining this site, you will need to walk on eggshells to avoid invoking his wrath, and there are many other sites with similar but superior content (Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc).
Jared GrayThu Jan 15 1970
Political Blogs..
A trainwreck. A blogger who trolls his own blog, edits his archives when posters quote his previously expressed opinions to argue against his current opinions, and sends sub-moderators/cult lieutenants to other sites to post over-the-top ridiculous racial diatribes (Hot Air, AoSHQ).
peterschrenkThu Jan 15 1970
Edgy, but accurate blog focused on the other WOT.
Right wing hate site.

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