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Capricorn1Sat Jan 17 1970
From's LinkedIn page at, "Y-Combinator (S14) Naytev is like having a team of data-geeks and machine-learning experts living inside your share button. The platform allows publishers and content creators to find the best version of their voice through social sharing. We allow them to customize and create variations in how their content is displayed on social networks when users share it from their sites. We then use detailed analytics and machine learning to measure, discover, and prioritize which messages create the highest engagement." So Naytev isn't trying to track you so much as to figure out what you are sharing with social media sites (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) and help you create a better post. From the TechCrunch article at : "Naytev accomplishes this by experimenting with several different versions of the headline and image for the post. NaytevReasonSharesThe platform also allows writers from the publication to write their own headline options. Then each time a user shares a post, Naytev shares a different option. After the post is shared several times, Naytev uses the headlines and images that have gained the most traction." I would say that the site is reasonably trustworthy. That may depend on how much social media posts you tend to make though.

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