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Learn more about the Scientology religion, its beliefs & practices, founder L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and his books, materials and lectures. Learn about David Miscavige, leader of the Scientology religion, his responsibility in spreading and properly applying Scientology and the worldwide social improvement & humanitarian programs sponsored by the Church.

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Dangerous cult
ParesthesiaThu Jan 15 1970
Extremely dangerous, harasses critics, forces members to disconnect from those who don't join, false religion, criminal business, DO NOT TRUST
very dangerous. claims that all psychiatrists are evil
Very dangerous- suggest people suffering from debilitating mental unbalances stop taking there medication- Has already resulted in several suicides/homicides.
Dangerous cult
Scientology, or the "Church of Scientology" has come been known in the last few years as only greedy, money-grabbing, pyramid-scheme cult. Through the use of powerful hypnotic control/brainwashing techniques, they manage to trick people into spending thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into pointless, dangerous practices or activities under the guise of a religion. (For further details, please see
anonymous_fawkesThu Jan 15 1970
This site has been spamming Craigslist mercilessly for months now trying to sell their scams.
Scientoloyg, you know. This organisation which makes movies and pictures of you if you talk to them or over them.
They ask you for 38000 bucks for a terrible copy of star trek to be used as your religion. They violate your rights to use you as you please and toss you away like a dead dog if you haven't died by then for their treatment. Not to mention once you go against them they will attempt to make you go bankrupt fired from your job be hated by everyone with fake gossips and get you in jail with lawsuits which they planned before hand.
THERE ARE WARNINGS AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY...Dig deeper into the subject and make your own decision. Deception and shocking, painful irony is a sad reality of the world, so be careful! They speak of "human rights and values," "anti-drugs," etc etc...dig deeper! WIDELY PUBLISHED CLAIMS: that they tear newcomers from FAMILIES who are outsiders to Scientology, EXPLOIT YOU, forcing you nearly down to the last penny after making you pay for the books of their teachings, take schizophrenics and epileptics off meds (SOMETIMES FATALITIES)--their methods of DRUG REHAB ALSO are INEFFECTIVE, they pressure certain females to have abortions, NUMEROUS reports of SUICIDES within! etc, etc, etc... KNOWLEDGE IS FREE. RELIGION IS FREE. (A quote from the Scientology protestors.) Try these now before anything else:

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