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ScrapeBox the Ultimate Link Harvester, Mass Wordpress and Movable Type Blog Comment Poster Complete with PR Storm Mode and Bulk Pagerank Checker.

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ACHTUNG bei Scrapebox! Wenn nämlich euere Software nicht funiktioniert oder glaubt das sie nicht das erfüllt was ihr davon gehalten habt, dann pech gehabt Geld gibts keins zurück! unzählige Mails vom Support Team wo Ihr aufgefordert werdet die Error Datein zu senden (auch wenn Ihr keine habt den die Software habt ihr schon deinstalliert oder Sie verweisen euch auf die Bedingungen wo dann drin steht ! "He Du willst dein Geld" schick uns zuerst die Error Datein damit wir unser Programm besser machen können während Du noch immer auf deiner beschädigten Software sitzt die du nicht einmal... ach was SCH....... drauf.. Mein Tipp: Lest euch die Terms genau durch!! erspart euch viel Ärger!!!!
forget this software!! and @ "nitrozone" Yes for sure! very useful.....twit!!
Carl.ThomasSat Jan 17 1970
Bought Scrapebox (Scrape Box) by Scraped Media Pty Ltd (a seemingly nonexistent company), tried to get a refund because I found it going 45% less elsewhere. Their support did not respond to emails and when I did a charge back with Paypal and they froze my licence. Paypal went in their favour so I ended up paying for something and now have no licence. I would avoid this company, who also make Scrape Board and Scrape Board.
very useful software for webmasters, recommended with 5 stars out ot of 5
Scrapebox can be very useful when looking for blogs and backlinks. I would not suggest using the auto comment feature as it will spam people but the software itself is pretty good I have even contacted customer support on a few occasions and they have always been helpful with my problems and answered all my questions. They even given me tips to use the software better.
Be Aware Of Fraud - I Lost $1180 10 years of internet expert Review about Scraped Media Pty Ltd fraud Scam system and software. Scraped Media Pty Ltd is Complete Illegal Company Running by Fraud Person & operating company from fraud location. ScrapeBox Fraud Developer Without notification canceled my all license and block my all machine hardware id and blocked my paid version scarpebox and not replying single email or no receiving call. I think so contact number is fake and not replying to contact form msg from last 2 months, This fraud developer Cancel my all license & has stolen $1180 and not possible to recover because PayPal does not provide a refund on digital goods. ScarpeBox developer is the fraud from birth and now I am sure his mother and sister all are scammers.
hotpepperzSun Jan 18 1970
Been around for 10 years and one of the best pieces of software a webmaster can have, it's far to cheap too. This software is used by all the major players in the marketing world. So good even the competitors to ScrapeBox have to post here with fake complaints to try and stand a chance. Love it!

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