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The Software Patch: download patches, updates, service releases and upgrades for games, Windows, office suites, graphics software, hardware drivers and popular software.

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I disagree curiousity's comment. This site is 100% free of spyware, adware, malware etc. There is nothing harmful in this site.
@curiosity This is trusted and good website! and no viruses detected on my computer, maybe it was on other websites. or you have a virus that infected your PC.
The ShadowThu Jan 15 1970
An excellent virus-free resource for anyone looking for Windows updates.
curiousity69Thu Jan 15 1970
This is a bad site: Tries to load this in background as ya load site. IP: Stay clear of this site.
RobertChristianThu Jan 15 1970
If you'd like to contact the site owner, here's the info: The Software Patch ATTN SOFTWAREPATCH.COM care of Network Solutions PO Box 459 Drums, PA. US 18222 Domain Name: SOFTWAREPATCH.COM Administrative Contact, Technical Contact: Mendham, Scott The Software Patch ATTN SOFTWAREPATCH.COM care of Network Solutions PO Box 459 Drums, PA 18222 US 570-708-8780
The ads are very annoying.
good site -- no viruses
Look out for links on this page. They have redirection to malware sites. There is nothing on my system causing this; it's this site.
Google lists site as 'This site may hard your computer'. I seldom have this warning from Google.
Multiple positive shills on this rating? See link at the end of my comments and decide for yourself! The site's trying to create the impression you are downloading logitech mouse drivers. You are not! You are downloading a load of other nonsense that will scan your computer, and then try and charge you $40 for what is easily available for free. Oh, and the link (if anyone cares about the 2 bit scammers of this world that much) :

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