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FumblebaneThu Jan 15 1970
Never had any problems with tescos, a great store.
narkybeastThu Jan 15 1970
Have been shopping at Tesco for a few years and have never had any problems.
VirtualVaultThu Jan 15 1970
Official site of Tesco, a highly reputable and popular place to shop for groceries. Contains no malicious links or downloads. Safe.
Super Site SaverThu Jan 15 1970
One of the best retailers in the world well done and a good customer experiance
TheBonobo4Thu Jan 15 1970
The official TESCO's site.
official site for online stores and services for Tesco .
Good, easy to use site. Registering was easy, and when I had a problem 1 phone call got it put right.
They use a company in the states called to spam you even though you haven't requested or asked for emails and they don't unsubscribe you.
adam robertsFri Jan 16 1970
If you are a registered user they send you a never ending list of spam.
spam in the emails.

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