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Хороший сайт, можно сделать свой блог, вести дневник, загружать фотки
jyoti.josheph75Sun Jan 18 1970
Nice site in social media where we can interact with different type of the people around the globe and know the different type of the event, what is happening all over the world.
What type of rating hijack is going on here? I use 4chan and such, but I'm rating this place FAIRLY. I trust this website pretty well over places run by prism or popular corporations. As for the content, it doesn't make it more or less trustworthy if there's a bad community. Well actually it does, but only if it's bad in like a 4chan/doxing sense.
Jenny.flatoeSun Jan 18 1970
Tumblr is one of the nice social networking site where we can interact with the different type of the people form all around the world, we can seen and watch the nice image and video form different place of the different event. nice site i like this site.
transfers.palmaSun Jan 18 1970
blog of the web transfers palma
Controversial sitio, ya que la mayor parte de sus usuarios son adolescentes y sin embargo hay mucho contenido porno porque las politicas del sitio lo permiten. Tambien se encuentra mucho contenido de expresiones de odio que son tendencia. Tampoco te dejan eliminar una cuenta.
Хорошая соц сеть,есть свой блог с гифками и внушительное колличество подписчиков,не топ но радует)
The safety of this side greatly depends on how you use it, spam and viruses aren't common and fairly recognizable so adults should be fine. However, children and teens should be closely monitored when using this side, not only because of unexpected pornographic content in places you never thought finding it but because a vast majority of tumblr users hold a rather radical mentality and won't hesitate to attack and bully others over the most trivial “incidence”. They push a lot of different agendas and spread misinformation in the process, there is no censorship and no protection against dangerous content (people glorifying mental illness, violence, etc.). Definitely not a place for minors even through most of the users are exactly that.
Cleaned up a lot no longer full of porn. :)
NovaBrunswickSun Jan 18 1970
A mostly great blogging website to post images, videos and thoughts on all kinds of things in the world. However, there seems to be a lot of pornographic content on the site, and so I would be cautious about it being suitable for children, especially if they are pre-adolescents (which Tumblr is mainly targeted at). They often appear where you least expect them, which can be damaging to young children. There has also been some controversy about "pro-ana" (anorexia) and pro-self-harm or suicide blogs being hosted on Tumblr. I try to keep away from these kinds of blogs, however, and just post about what I love the most.

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