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WhatsApp accounts almost completely unprotected
Useless support. My story: I've contacted their support because whatsapp never sent me an SMS/call to my Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can verify my number, first answer I got was an automaticly generated email linking me to their FAQ which I have read before of course. Second email was, as they claim, written by a human being, who seemed pretty incompetent as he was in no way reffering to my problem, he/she only told me that my testing phase had run out (which was NEVER EVER activated before) and I should buy the app. This was 2 weeks ago and I have yet not received an answer to my last email.
I must be missing something, why would anyone pay for this? This program, in a nutshell: * Lets you send instant messages and set your status just like every other instant messenger ...and in return: * Takes your mobile phone number * Transmits it unencrypted over the internet * Can never be turned off on your phone except by uninstalling the program * Periodically runs through your contacts list on your phone ( sec 3B) * Everything you post is accessible to everyone ( sec 5A and "When WhatsApp Discloses Information") * Charges for the privilege, in addition to any data fees payable to your operator
I wouldn't trust this site, because their privacy policies are not exactly clear.
Ginger1205Fri Jan 16 1970
This website is a complete scam, I keep getting their spam in my email.
Tellabs5500Sat Jan 17 1970
They already had no security on their system, *now* they've been bought by Facebook. This is no longer any sort of software you want on your phone.
es spam y no deja eliminarlo de facebook
Uli.HerrmannSat Jan 17 1970
the only genuine official whatsapp download. But policies a not acceptable. There are a shitload of free and secure communication tools. Do NOT use this stuff.
VanofEterniaSat Jan 17 1970
Whats app wurde durch Facebook für 19 Milliarden Dollar einverleibt. Nicht aus Nächstenliebe, sondern um das Facebook-Imperium auszuweiten und Konkurrenten hinwegzufegen. Wer Whats app nutzt, sollte sich klar machen, dass Facebook sämtliche Daten nutzen wird, um das Geld wieder reinzubekommen. Jeder FB-Nutzer tritt sämtliche Rechte an Texten, Videos, Bildern, Gedichten an FB ab, damit ein Mann, Zuckerberg, noch reicher wird, als er schon mit ca. 150 Mrd. Euro ist. Damit wird mit den eigenen Daten, mit allen Rechten und mit der eigenen Lebenszeit bezahlt. Der Begriff "Soziales Netzwerk" ist ein Witz!!

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