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This website is a phishing site imitating the YIFY torrents service. Do not use it. Their comments are fake. Although the comments themselves are (somewhat) unique, you can find the reviewing account names on multiple sites in the same order. The video files contain audio but no video. The video is simply a fake error message stating that you do not have the codec required to play the video, and points you to a page on this website to download the codec. The codec is fake, and most likely contains malware.
Provides fake torrents. When you open the movie file it'll say you're missing a codec, and tells you to download the codec from another site with a survey. Scam, do not use.
amrmohamedSat Jan 17 1970
no real movies in this site ..... everything is fake
seamedswordSat Jan 17 1970
it's not the real website the only one is
AhmedkhalilSat Jan 17 1970
scam site, steal ppl money, and allow you to download fake 800 mb file beware it is scam, even not the original site of the creator
fuzzyvikingSat Jan 17 1970
Fake bait torrents and malware pushing.
Lydon.SchembriSat Jan 17 1970
FAKE Site. not the official, Here's the REAL site:
julien.cornu.1995@gmail.comSat Jan 17 1970
Site fortement déconseillé a éviter.
stefanmaierSat Jan 17 1970
Involved in malware distribution
Aces N HoleSat Jan 17 1970
Site lets you download fake movie torrents. Tells you you need codec to play them. Steals all your personal information on form to download fake codec filled with malware.

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