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aquawhite07Wed Jan 14 1970
YouTube is a wonderful site when you are bored and want some humor, or to watch a tutorial about something. YouTube has the lot because the videos are posted by ordinary day people. It can take a little while to filter out the junk videos you don't want to watch but overall YouTube is GREAT!
some videos aren't good for children
It can be very entertaining, although very time consuming. Youtube does a decent job of blocking out adult content, but there is still some suggestive content on here. Be a bit cautious if you're worried about your children. Otherwise it is a good source of fun!
Many videos not suitable for children. Adult supervision suggested. I frequently watch videos on youtube and have never had a problem with malware. I have ad and pop-up blockers, and I never click anything other than the video links.
you can find informative on youtube that you cant find anywhere. it save from virus too
machintrucWed Jan 14 1970
quite entertaining. not very child safe though.
Was once a good website. Seems to be taken over by tards. Not very safe for kids.
over-all, interesting videos
Great site for watching/sharing videos.
Alot of videos and many are very interesting. Child Safety however is something to be questioned, as people sometimes advertise certain inappropriate sites and sometimes inappropriate words or conduct is used in some videos.

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