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Why WOT works
Trusted Sources

WOT uses trusted third party sources to further increase the accuracy of the website ratings. The data may have either positive or negative impact on the site reputation.

Human rated, algorithm weighted

Rating Reliability

Each user's rating behavior is analyzed. Analysis determines the weight of the user’s ratings and will also detect efforts to game the system. This makes WOT very resistant to manipulation.

Confidence Level

WOT also estimates the reliability of a site reputation based on the amount of supporting evidence - the higher the confidence level, the more reliable the reputation is.


WOT system is carefully monitored for any kind of unusual activities or unwanted behavior.

WOT Users

Tens of millions of web users worldwide have downloaded the free WOT browser add-on. All users can rate and supplement their ratings by leaving comments. Comments provide additional information but do not affect the reputation.

Reputation Data

The reputation and confidence level of each site is stored into our database. Reputation is calculated in real-time and shown as traffic light icons next to search results, emails, social networks and other popular sites.