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WOT Rating Symbols

WOT uses color-coded symbols to show the rating of a site: green indicates trustworthiness, yellow tells you to be cautious, and red indicates potential danger. Here is the complete list of symbols: 

Excellent reputation.
Good reputation.
Unsatisfactory reputation. Stay alert and use with caution.
Poor reputation. If you use it, do so with the utmost caution. Avoid downloading.
Very poor reputation. This site is dangerous. We recommend using a website with a better reputation.
Not enough supporting evidence; please give your rating. Not enough people have rated this site. If you know the site, please submit a rating.
You have not yet offered information on this site. If you know the site, please rate it.
There are also some administrative symbols, described below.
Your browser is in offline mode. Switch to online mode to enable WOT.
There is a message for you in the rating window. Besides news, the message may contain a request that you upgrade the WOT software to a new version. To get the best out of WOT, we recommend using the latest version.
The system is retrieving information. Please wait; it shouldn't take long.
The WOT add-on is disabled. You can enable it from the Tools menu.
The system failed to retrieve information. This may be caused by a temporary network problem, in which case the add-on will retry shortly. If the problem persists, please contact the support staff.