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WOT for Blogs - Wordpress Plugin


WOT for Blogs is a Wordpress plugin which adds WOT rating symbols to your blog and blog comments. Keep your users safe and warn them of any potentially malicious/untrustworthy links.

Note: Only outgoing links in posts/comments have the WOT rating symbols added to them


We recommend installation via your Wordpress Control Panel. Simply search for "WOT for blogs" and it'll be the first result. Alternatively you can download a zip file and upload that to your wordpress control panel.


We will do our best to make sure this plugin works and is kept up to date. Support requests for individual blogs will not be monitored. It's often the case that themes/plugins can interfere with each other and affect our ability to provide rating symbols. However, if you believe you've found a bug that affects all blogs please post it here.


This plugin is open source and is being hosted at github.