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    • jpvip on Mon 02 Nov 2009
    • 10:36:40 PM UTC

    IOBit Steals Malwarebytes' Intellectual Property

    Quoted from RubbeR DuckY:

    Malwarebytes has recently uncovered evidence that a company called IOBit based in China is stealing and incorporating our proprietary database and intellectual property into their software. We know this will sound hard to believe, because it was hard for us to believe at first too. But after an indepth investigation, we became convinced it was true.

    Malwarebytes intends to pursue legal action against IOBit. We demand IOBit immediately remove all traces of Malwarebytes' proprietary research and database from their software. We also demand IOBit be delisted from Download.com due to Terms of Service violations. This is criminal: it is theft, it is fraud, and we will not stand for it.

    What can you do to help? If you feel the same way we do about this theft, we encourage you to send an email to hosting services such as Download.com and Majorgeeks.com requesting that all IOBit software be removed.

    Original Advisory and source for above information: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showt...

    Other: http://malwarebytes.besttechie.net/2009/11/02/iobi...

    Comment: Ethical Issues

    ~Dr Jay Head Administrator, GeekPolice.net


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    • Warxas on Mon 02 Nov 2009
    • 10:52:05 PM UTC


    Red and commented...
    I am very shocked actually! Uninstalling smart defrag. (Which I never used anyway)
    BTW I'd suggest you remove you good comment. :)

    • User picture
      • jpvip on Mon 02 Nov 2009
      • 11:19:53 PM UTC


      I have not got to it, yet. On my way over there. I am only going to agree to the Ethical Comments.

      ~DragonMaster Jay, malware researcher,
      Admin, helpmyos.com

    • User picture
      • jpvip on Thu 05 Nov 2009
      • 03:27:43 AM UTC


      Looks like they had their users pop in for a rating or agreeing so the site can get back good: http://www.mywot.com/scorecard/iobit.com

      Too bad there are a ton of comments about ethical issues.

      ~DragonMaster Jay, malware researcher,
      Admin, helpmyos.com

      • User picture
        • Warxas on Thu 05 Nov 2009
        • 03:30:40 AM UTC


        But it's working, privacy went from yellow to light green! (Unless someone else rated it.)

        • User picture
          • Nulander on Fri 28 May 2010
          • 11:56:05 PM UTC

          Red rated until the

          Red rated until the situation isn't solved properly. This is really bad and, if the claims will be true, for what I concern, I won't trust them anymore. There's a lot of blackhats out there ready to kick our asses and what these people do? Try to bite each other, cutting honest people and stealing the proceeds fairly earned sacrifing time and resources? No way for me. I don't know you, but this type of cheating happened even to me, in the past, with people trying to steal my whitepapers and placing their name over them, in order to get credit and good publicity from firms, after I have passed a lot of time planning and creating them.

          This is *LAME*, nothing more.

          MF IT-UESC - Protecting your Digital Experience. Now.

  2. User picture
    • ipl_001 on Mon 02 Nov 2009
    • 11:04:25 PM UTC


    This is not acceptable!!

    With such theft, there's nothing possible left on the Internet!! It would be a jungle!!

    I support Malwarebytes.

  3. User picture
    • SpiderLover on Mon 02 Nov 2009
    • 11:24:19 PM UTC


    I'm very shocked...
    Why would they do such a thing?

  4. User picture
    • bob3160 (not verified) on Mon 02 Nov 2009
    • 11:35:23 PM UTC

    That doesn't speak well for IOBIT

    That kind of practice isn't acceptable especially in a security environment..

  5. User picture
    • c۞g on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 01:15:53 AM UTC

    more ...



    the rest...
    iobit.com immediate DNS:

    I prefer Scam since they are using Malwarebytes technology and passing it off as their own; Ethical issues works too.

    Interestingly, iobit.com has contact info in whois, but iobitlive.com is privacy protected

    iobit.net informs you to go to iobit.com, then auto-redirects, it shares a-records with the IP and with evonsoft.com, a RegNow affiliate

    WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

  6. User picture
    • Deriken on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 07:28:19 AM UTC

    Is it a joke

    It is not the first time for malwarebytes to do such thing to defame other competitor's fame.

    • User picture
      • evilfantasy on Tue 03 Nov 2009
      • 02:17:14 PM UTC

      @ Deriken

      MBAM and SAS have had more than one disagreement and the last I knew had called truce. You should be more specific.

      If anyone thinks that the team at Malwarebytes hasn't taken 360 completely apart and found what they needed before making this public then you need to step back and think a minute before posting. It's a huge accusation and wasn't done on a whim or by looking at scan logs alone.

    • User picture
      • bagwell368 on Tue 03 Nov 2009
      • 02:44:21 PM UTC

      no joke

      On 10/29 as a paying customer I updated 360, and got a toolbar added to my Firefox that despite instructions and despite email with IObit has not been able to be removed. I've used all the Firefox methods, studied the registry, etc. They did send me a new solution which may work.

      However, bear this in mind, the toolbar is 3rd party, and it is the "conduit:" product (just follow the links to see for yourself. It has changed which google I use, it has obscured various customizations I have set (IE Firefox has been hijacked). This adware is removed by several products (if you pay them). It records my every click, and splits the profits down the middle between IObit and Conduit.

      I don't know about you, but that smacks of a pattern to me - and the notion of an above board anti spyware company forcing me to use a toolbar that is spying on me, is a bit much.

  7. User picture
    • Warxas on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 07:29:55 AM UTC


    I highly doubt it's a "joke". If they have done this in the past, then cite some sources.

  8. User picture
    • jpvip on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 08:10:56 AM UTC


    Deriken, 0 ratings 1 post.

    Malwarebytes does not have a reason to want to defame such an underrated security company. IOBit is not very popular overall, and has unusual business practices. The President of Malwarebytes has made it clear, that a thorough investigation was done before IOBit was blamed.

    ~DragonMaster Jay, malware researcher,
    Admin, helpmyos.com

  9. User picture
    • David Edward on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 09:28:01 AM UTC

    Hardly to believe

    I’am a user of Malwarebyte for a few years.

    Actually, i have been using IObit’s another system optimization software, Advanced SystemCare as well. It’s great.

    Recently, i saw IObit Security 360 on CNET.com with high rating and gave it a try, all is OK. It’s hardly to believe the situation is true. I use both Malwarebyte and IObit Security 360 now, and most of time, I found IObit Security 360 can scan more malwares, adwares, Trojan, etc than Malwarebyte, so I still doubt that how IObit steal Malwarebytes’ data? Malwarebyte has no protection for its critical data?

  10. User picture
    • Warxas on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 09:33:28 AM UTC

    I can see where this is going

    Ok, new members who only have one post.
    If you work for IObit you are making yourselves pretty obvious. ;)

    I'd believe MalwareBytes over IObit anyday.

  11. User picture
    • vilane on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 09:34:12 AM UTC

    I belive in IObit

    I use IObit products for a really long time and I am also much impressed by all of its freebies. Advanced SystemCare, Game Booster, Smart Defrag. All of these programs help me enjoy my time with my lovely computer. Now, just because IObit Security 360 is a newly born but enjoy soon and great popularity, it should become the target of some other programs? I used it for a while, also I am a tester of its beta version. I can say it's really a good program from my experience. Fast scan speed, high detection (for me, it's the best I ever use). I want all IObit users to say your own words of your story with IObit. Don't you think they are good?

    Anyway, I will support IObit as always.

    • User picture
      • bagwell368 on Tue 03 Nov 2009
      • 02:49:44 PM UTC

      ah yes "my country, right or

      ah yes "my country, right or wrong" or as I read it someplace "my mother, drunk or sober". Nice that you are loyal, Iwas until they stabbed me on 10/29 with that fithy toolbar, and then scoffed at me in email on their site - until they actually tested Firefox on my OS, since I did get an answer (not tried yet), and the scoffing stopped.

      I sent a letter to their e-commerce company, and lodged a complaint, and got a refund for my yearly subscription from my credit card company.

      As that starts to abate, this whole scandal hits.... yes, it's obvious that IObit is clean like the driven snow.

    • User picture
      • ddeaves on Thu 12 Nov 2009
      • 11:15:40 PM UTC

      happy with IObit

      I have been using Advanced System Care for some time now and am very happy with it. I just found the Security 360 the other day, and am quite impressed with that also. It found some malware that several other programs missed. It's a great program as far as I am concerned. I really hope this is not true about IObit. That would be very sad. By the way... Security 360 GAVE ME THE OPTION for a TOOLBAR, I opted out. I have had no problems.

      • User picture
        • crazymanaaron1984 on Sun 12 Sep 2010
        • 11:31:20 PM UTC

        good to see a good comment

        good to see a good comment in here
        ive used their software and have NEVER had any Malware come from their software
        and i know a lot is about how iobit security 360 stole from MBAM or how some ppl have an issue with their customer support, but the thing is, they are listed as yellow cause of the people who have something against iobit (im assuming former employees or something lol)
        i think one of the main reasons behind any consumer using WOT is to stay away from malware sites, and since iobit is not a malware site, yall are gonna have to make sure it never turns red
        just my thoughts

        • User picture
          • c۞g on Mon 13 Sep 2010
          • 04:03:46 AM UTC

          @ crazymanaaron1984

          i think one of the main reasons behind any consumer using WOT is to stay away from malware sites, and since iobit is not a malware site, yall are gonna have to make sure it never turns red

          No, IObit is not Malware
          and it's not just MBAM they've stolen from

          The first blog post mentions what WOT is and what it's for: Welcome to WOT

          Malware is a "by-product" of WOT - it's more of how well a site is trusted by others that determines it's reputation.

          Can you trust a software produced by a company that steals proprietary works from other companies?
          Can you trust them not to steal from you?

          Personally, I hope their scorecard's reputation color turns blood red.

          ∞ Opto, ergo sum _https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_You_and_I

          • User picture
            • Jazspeak on Mon 13 Sep 2010
            • 03:43:53 PM UTC

            @ g7w

            Before you get up in arms about this, first let me say that I in no way support IOBit or condone their previous plagiarism vis-a-vis MalwareBytes. However, I am concerned to see that you persist in the false claim that IOBit stole from TuneUp.

            As both my own investigation and that of Web Bug has shown, the allegation that IOBit stole anything from TuneUP is misplaced. A dispassionate comparison of the software shows that the IOBit ToolBox and TuneUp Utilities are substantially different and can not be construed as one being an illegal copy of the other.

            The MalwareBytes issue is very old news and there is no evidence that IOBit has repeated that behaviour. If you (and others) want to carry a grudge against IOBit then that is your burden but please don't use misinformation to justify that grudge. No doubt you have made mistakes in the past, and I am sure that you would feel very aggrieved if your previous misdemeanours were constantly raked up in order to justify false allegations against you.

            I have to say that I am surprised that you, a respected member of WOT, have not properly investigated the claim that the ToolBox is a stolen copy of TuneUp. If you (and others) had done your homework then you would have reached the same conclusion as Web Bug and me.

            Let me reiterate, for the benefit of anyone who has trouble understanding my position, I am not a supporter of IOBit and do not use any of their products.

            Please stop bumping this thread up the order, and take your personal grudges elsewhere.

            ~Music is not just for the Masses~

            • User picture
              • IssViews (not verified) on Mon 13 Sep 2010
              • 11:25:06 AM UTC

              Were you able to de-compile

              Were you able to de-compile the software code and make comparisons/? No, because your investigation was purely based on cosmetics and directory listings Jazspeak?

              I find your statement rather contradictory as has been the case with a few of your posts here.

              Read the OP again: http://issviews.com/blog/iobit-are-back-facing-mor....

              I stated As you can see, there is a uncanny likeness in design and functionality between them. This leaves me to wonder, based on the previous scandal between MalwareBytes’ and IObit, whether the similarities go deeper to include internal code.

              You should aslo note that IOBit admitted that they did use exact terminology from Tune-up in their own program and tried to pass this off as a language issue and employee mistakes. They also admit to copying the design and functionality of Tune-Up and other programs!

              As with g7w, I have to agree that with him, how can you ever trust someone that has been identified and branded as a thief.

              • User picture
                • Jazspeak on Mon 13 Sep 2010
                • 04:01:12 PM UTC

                @ IssViews

                You know full well from the other thread that I made a detailed comparison of both programs and their attendant dynamic link libraries. My comparison was not based on "cosmetics and directory listings".

                It was you who presented screenshots of the cosmetics of the Toolbox, and I have to say that you might as well have offered pictures of a red car and then claimed that it is a rip-off because it is not s Ferrari. You did not do a proper investigation of the software, whereas Web Bug and I did do a proper investigation, independently of each other, and we both reached the same conclusion that the Toolbox is not a rip-off of the TuneUp Utilities.

                The fact that you made a fool of yourself in that other thread doesn't seem to have dissuaded you from doing so here. You were found to be buying into a false allegation initially perpetrated by a known scammer, Roger_M, who is associated with the WindowFix scareware.

                Perhaps more alarming is that you now reference that scammer's misinformation on your own blog, which is not only the height of stupidity on your part but also diminishes the value of the information throughout the rest of your blog, and calls into question your claim to be a "Security Expert".

                As I wrote to g7w, I suggest that you take your personal grudge against IOBit elsewhere. If you don't like the truth on this subject then I strongly suggest that you stop bringing it up on this forum.

                From what I know of your postings here you will probably want the last word, and since anything you are likely to say will be inconsequential then you are welcome to it.

                ~Music is not just for the Masses~

                • User picture
                  • BobJam (not verified) on Mon 13 Sep 2010
                  • 04:54:21 PM UTC

                  Wait a minute . . . wait a minute

                  @ Jazspeak,

                  "I made a detailed comparison of both programs and their attendant dynamic link libraries"
                  So does that mean, as IssViews asked, you de-compiled "the software code"? Just curious, since you didn't answer the question directly.

                  • User picture
                    • IssViews (not verified) on Mon 13 Sep 2010
                    • 05:17:53 PM UTC

                    @ BobJam Precisely, he has

                    @ BobJam

                    Precisely, he has gone from a musician to an indepth coder! I bow to his supeior skills.

                    He frequently avoids answering many questions put to him. Why? because Jazspeak talks a crock of manure. There was no detailed analysis of his report. We have to assume that he (Jazzspeak) conducted a thorough test and indepth code analysis based on his admission. Go strum your crap somewhere else Jazspeak.

                    @ Jazspeak

                    Now you are saying that it is not based on directory listing or cosmetics in proving that tune-up utilities is not rogue, contrary to what you said in the other forum. So, you are now saying you are an in-depth coder too! BS.

                    As for me ever saying I was a security expert, please show me where exactly I have said that I was? I will answer this for you, I have NEVER implied this. You have assumed it based on your ignorance.

                    Also I must add that in my months of being here in WOT, never have I come across a person such as Jazspeak who has pissed off so many people in such a short period of time. Does this come naturally to him or does he work on that?

                  • User picture
                    • Anonymous on Mon 13 Sep 2010
                    • 05:39:47 PM UTC

                    My comments and analysis

                    My comments and analysis remains the same.
                    The thread: http://www.mywot.com/forum/6949-iobit-are-back-...
                    My posts:


                    I personally see no reason to add more then this brief summary.

                    1. I prefer Comodo system cleaner and CCleaner
                    (CCleaner being less likely to do damage in the inexperienced hands, Comodo more through.)
                    2. IOBit not as reliable in my opinion.
                    3. I don't trust them.
                    Yet I still find nothing out of line yet with Toolbox YET

                • User picture
                  • IssViews (not verified) on Mon 13 Sep 2010
                  • 05:33:53 PM UTC

                  Again I quote from:

                  Again I quote from: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?p=47650#pos...

                  As the private message I sent to you, no one here wants to hide the truth. I found some word in the program is similar or same with TuneUP’s tools, and I double checked it with our staffs. The truth is that some developers are not familiar with English, so they just used some word and sentence from Tuneup, and our project manager didn’t notice that. That’s the truth, people from non-English speaking country could not speak local English. That’s the mistake we have, and we will try to fix it. It’s also my fault that I didn’t check it carefully as it’s just the first Beta version. We spend too many time and effect on the coding, implementing all the function and feature, but we didn’t notice the issue of the word in the program.

                  What part of their admittance of copying do you not understand here Jazspeak?

            • User picture
              • c۞g on Mon 13 Sep 2010
              • 11:16:23 PM UTC

              @ Jazspeakre: re: @ g7w

              Please stop bumping this thread up the order, and take your personal grudges elsewhere.

              I'm merely replying to posts being made - look at date and time of my replies, and compare them to the post they are directed to.

              I am neither "bumping" this thread, nor do I have "personal grudges" concerning IObit.
              IObit are "big boys" they made their bed; they can sleep in it.

              ∞ Opto, ergo sum _https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/And_You_and_I

  12. User picture
    • demonluo on Tue 03 Nov 2009
    • 10:32:06 AM UTC

    Deriken, 0 ratings 1

    Deriken, 0 ratings 1 post.
    David Edward, 0 ratings 1 post.
    vilane, 0 ratings 1 post.

    >_> hello, how come those who praise IObit only got 0 ratings 1 post?

    ^v^ anyway, i use piriform product - ccleaner, recuva, defraggler instead of IObit...