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Постоянные сбои DNS. По контенту - так себе, ничего выдающегося.
BLOCK IT! There are shills here trying to spread misinformation, making this site look good. Sorry, my original post was lost, but here's two I quoted: @yFf22a.. said: "It is generally used with cloud servers. There is nothing nefarious going on - Akamai is used on many networks and is not malicious" Then he/she goes with a wikipedia Quote. Much like: @JackE1930 "According to Wikipedia Akamai is a server farm that is hosting many internet services that have moved their websites or other services into the clouds as they call it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akamai_Technologies" Notice the issue yet? Akamai Technologies. Akamaihd. Akamai. Akamaihd. Not the same, and anyone would have noticed it if they had checked who the servers are registered to (even if the mistake with the name was honest). Browse to akamahd.net, you won't even find a website there. Hint for FireFox users (and anyone else whose browsers have it available): An add-on called FlagFox makes it really simple to check these stuff out. READ THIS USERS POST INSTEAD: c۞g - He provides real truthful information. THE PROBLEM: You can't report users for comments that have good language and manners, but talk about a whole different site. I tried, it warned me about that and then gave no option to write an explanation why I wanted to flag the comment. This site has a score of 4.2, despite the ones downwoting. ***** trustworthiness and ***** Child Safety. Considering these five star ratings are coming from people who are talking of Akamai Industries, while the site is akamaihd.net, how could one contact the administration of WOT and help fix this!?
http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/us-en/website-safety-reports/domain/akamaihd.net/ During the last 7 days potentially active malware was detected on a subdomain. However, no threats were detected on the main website. Malware Found: 11 Safety Rating: Caution Compromised Pages: 83 List of Malware found on akamaihd.net These are the top viruses found on this site by the percentage of total detections they caused during the last 30 days. 1 JS/AdInject 99.64 % 2 Invisible IFrame Injection 0.04 % 3 JS/Redir 0.27 % 4 Downloader Tibs 0 % 5 NeoSploit Exploit Kit 0.01 % Last reported malware activity Apr 17, 2016 (0 days ago) Days with malware in last month 30 days (100% of total) Days with malware in last year 363 days (99% of total) ========================== This site blocks access to the security scanners shown below: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/akamaihd.net http://quttera.com/detailed_report/akamaihd.net ========================== Cannot open site directly.
i block its script but i cant get rid of it ,
It is generally used with cloud servers. There is nothing nefarious going on - Akamai is used on many networks and is not malicious Wikipedia: As of 2009, secure connections (designed to highlight hidden intermediaries) pose a problem to Akamai, and attempts to connect to a popular website over HTTPS may reveal the Akamai backend.[8] More recently, however, enhanced security offerings such as Kona Site Defender (Web Application Firewall) have become a major selling point, and in 2013 were the leading driver of revenue growth for the company.[9]
This domain is used within many popular websites for their CDN and therefore can be trusted.
This site follows you around the entire Internet, even where it is unneeded. It tries to place trackers on you and left unchecked turns words on random pages into ad links through the use of scripts. The ads are usually hardly relevant to the words they are attached to, leading me to believe that the sites linked to are also illegitimate. On top of that, they create pop-up ads that give themselves priority showing on your screen, many times when the user gives input on a page, such as clicking a button, leading to sites of questionable credibility and security, as well as disrupting browsing by popping up in front rather than in back of presently active windows. This site does the same thing as a rootkit adware package known as Remarkit, leading me to believe the two are linked or else that this site hosts a web script version of the same. This site is unnecessary wherever you go, no site has ever required it to function, and it employs suspicious practices and scripts that could potentially lead to harm to your system. Attempts to go to the site have met with no success, and contact information is not present. Whoever runs this site should be made to account for all of this.
This seems current, but this site is creating links to ads using text within web pages. It doesn't discriminate. It links to ads on my personal business site and of course I'm getting no compensation as well as it's misleading to my customers and makes it harder to navigate. I know it's this site because when I block it I don't have the issue.
In theory it should have been safe but then why would it attempt to drop all those LSOs and run trackers? The truth is most sites are going to run just fine without it. It is a good candidate to block. If a site can't run without it you probably want to kick that site to the curb. Some prices are too high to pay.
According to Wikipedia Akamai is a server farm that is hosting many internet services that have moved their websites or other services into the clouds as they call it. *****
The site is down, but I never trusted it.
This site put three unwanted ads on a site I visited recently. I shall be using NoScript to block it in future.
This page belongs to the most visited sites in the world.
spammed websites hitting traps JSS list
Cloud von Facebook z.B, wird von meheren Webseiten benutzt
Suspicious tracking software on facebook.
Werbebeobachtung von Facebook die aber teilweise unerwünschte Werbung einblendet.
Diese Seite gehört zu den meistbesuchtesten Seiten der Welt.
Dodgy tracker used by Akamai. I do not trust them. I block all 21 of these trackers on Facebook and FB still works fine.
Scripts from this domain are required for several sites to work properly (such as Facebook)

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