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27 janv. 2016
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24 juin 2015
This domain is a service domain used only by MailUp customers to include images and links in their mailings MailUp is an email service provider with 8.000+ legitimate clients that supports only permission-based email marketing and with very strict anti-spam policies (http://www.mailup.com/anti-spam-policy.htm) Our Compliance department monitors and assesses all outbound traffic to ensure that our customers comply with requirements. We strongly encourage reporting any abusive campaign sent from the MailUp infrastructure using the appropriate channels: - Email to abuse@musvc.com (MailUp's abuse desk address) - Fill our spam report web form: http://www.mailup.com/contacts/form-spam.htm and our Abuse Desk will take quick and appropriate action. More info at http://postmaster.mailup.com

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