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In light of August 2016 listings, RED: ***** OTHER: Registrant owner is ExactTarget, Inc./ ***** See: http://whois.domaintools.com/exct.net ExactTarget, Inc is a email forwarder to user-supplied email address (when given your email address at other websites / companies that don't tell you they will be sending through this email forwarder—shame on them).. Routes email through ***** Email contains exct.net links. Cisco Systems, Inc. lookup shows IP addresses on the network are usually clean of spamming, bottom of page: ***** ***** (spam reports if any)
____________ ***** Update Received email from a legitimate company, but I will go directly to that company rather than following the emailed links. I did not see any risks for children in any past email from this site. ____________ ***** Original Phisher, currently pretending to be Microsoft "Bing Webmaster" service, sending emails from nonexistent domain microsoftemail.com. This spam email is very professionally crafted with clean HTML; however, there are some stupid mistakes which are clearly not Microsoft. Do not provide it with any financial or personal data.
This site is a source of unsolicited spam and untrustworthy.
Just a website used by various companies to redirect to links on their website (usually used for email newsletters and such). Perfectly safe.
Unsolicited spam on a non opt-in email address. Spam via http://cl.s6.exct.net/?ju=...
*** SPAM AGENT *** (mirror domain: [exacttarget.com]) - many BRAZILIAN SPAMMERS are client of this server, that makes INSANE SPAMVERTISES using FAKE E-MAIL ADDRESS and FAKE UNSUBSCRIBE FEATURES in the unsolicited messages. P. ex.: Spamvertise "client": a brazilian e-commerce called [marisa.com.br] with "bridges" featured by [cl.s6.exct.net] ; Spammer e-mail address: parceiromarisa @ [FAKE DOMAIN] ; Unsubscription feature: [cl.s6.exct.net/ ... [FAKE DIRECTORY]] >>> NOT WORKS or simply SCAM (in this case, the e-mail address of the spam victim is CONFIRMED so that after they send more and more spam). That's sick. --------------------------------------------- *** AGENTE PROPAGADOR DE SPAM *** - possui um domínio-espelho (exacttarget.com) ou outros mais, e tem em seus quadros de "clientes" DIVERSOS SPAMMERS MAL-INTENCIONADOS DO BRASIL-SIL-SIL que enviam SPAMS INSISTENTES COM ENDEREÇOS DE E-MAIL FALSOS E LINKS DE DESCADASTRAMENTO QUE NÃO FUNCIONAM OU QUE APENAS SERVEM COMO GOLPE (apenas confirma a existência do endereço de e-mails das pobres vítimas para assim depois enviarem mais e mais spam). Nem preciso dizer mais nada sobre o que acho de toda essa porcaria e principalmente desses FDPs.
This is an opt-in email service and I have had no issues with them. Companies use them for sending out their newsletters.
They spammed me with this. Emails has links to exct.net: ================== To view this email complete with images click here. Click here to unsubscribe from Instaflex emails Try Instaflex Today for Only $4.99 Get a two week sample ($32.66) of top selling Instaflex for just $4.99 when you order today. Click here to go directly to the offer so you can get Instaflex right now. Order Instaflex today and see why it's the #1 selling joint product in GNC. Hundreds of thousands are using Instaflex to feel better and do more. Instaflex is a signed sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation. And it's endorsed by athletes including former NFL Quarterback Doug Flutie and Gold Medalist Karla Overbeck. Its unique compound was scientifically designed to deliver quick relief and long-lasting support. So you feel great today and keep moving the way you should. Relieve and comfort your joints Improve mobility and increase flexibility Enjoy healthy motion Protect and enhance your mobility Right now as part of this exclusive online offer you can claim a two-week sample of Instaflex right now for just $4.99 shipping, processing and handling. Where Else Can You Get Instaflex? GNC Stores Harris Teeter Walgreens Rite Aid Pharmacies Vitamin Shoppe Vitamin World Click Here to Find a Store Near You You can also find Instaflex online at Instaflex.com, VitaminShoppe.com, SwansonVitamins.com, GNC.com, VitaminWorld.com, Vitacost.com, and ***** Click here to try Instaflex today for just $4.99 Best Regards, Custom Care ***** Your purchase benefits the Arthritis Foundation. Copyright © 2014 Instaflex, All rights reserved. Our mailing address is below: unsubscribe from this list | update subscription preferences This email was sent by: Direct Digital LLC 550 S Caldwell St. Ste. 700 Charlotte, NC 28202 United States We respect your right to privacy - view our policy
spammed websites hitting traps JSS list
maybe the bad comments are true. I cannot say. EXCT.NET is used by SHELL OIL to manage their e-mailing lists.
Visiting this site may lead to negative visitor experience due to the past actions of the owners of this site which may include: distribution of malware, drive by viral downloads, or spamming.
The following website may be unethical or unsafe. CYBERsitter Malicious Web Site Filter Top 100 Phishing, Malicious and Suspicious Sites *****
TV rental spam
They advertise permission-based marketing. If that was the case, I wouldn't have received spam from them. Don't let spamming harm your company's reputation.
people who send out spam for other companies. their unsubscribe links do not work. they have no methods of contact beside regular mail. the business domain they market under is *****
Many companies use this site to handle their email newsletters, etc. So it can be used for good or bad, just depends on who's using it.

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