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  1. Изображение пользователя
    • dragon-heart on Пнд 15 Мар 2010
    • 02:15:59

    Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    I used to use dogpile for a while, but haven't for a long time. So when I checked the WOT comments, I was rather surprised.
    Some comments say that the website itself is fine, but the toolbar is badware. (I dunno if it is spamware, adware or whatever, so I'll call it badware). However, before I even downloaded Firefox, and for that matter noscript, I have never had a toolbar downloaded from this site. Nothing *magically* appered, but that may have to do with the fact I'm using Safari on a Mac. [In the virus communities, people who make Mac viruses are probably ridiculed by their hacker buddies :) ]
    Also, I looked at the 'page source' of Dogpile's home page. I found two interesting things. Now, I'm no HTML/CSS/Javascript guru, but I found one that seems to download (or at list show you to the page where it says you should download) the toolbar if it isn't installed.
    I would add a screenshot, sadly I am unsure how to add images in a comment box (anyone can give me help on this, too?)
    This is what worries me. I have Ghostry installed on Firefox, so maybe this is just something Ghostry randomly puts in websites. But maybe not. There is a script that goes like this, only with real HTML tags, not {fancy brackets like these}:
    {script type= "text/javascript"}
    function closeGhostery(){ var dgf = document.getElementById("__ghosteryfirefox"); = 'none'; document.body.removeChild(dgf); }

    So, what's up with Dogpile?

    ~Please don't hurt me, I'm new here!


  1. Изображение пользователя
    • michigantoga on Птн 07 Сен 2012
    • 09:19:19

    RE: Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    It's malware, do not install any program that includes this. If it is a must install, make sure you uncheck or don't accept the aggreement for Dogpile

  2. Изображение пользователя
    • hotdoge3 on Вск 09 Сен 2012
    • 09:34:47

    RE: Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    toolbar is badware and you don't need it just stay a way from toolbars 99% spyware and slow you down

    Dogpile work with out toolbar so no need

  3. Изображение пользователя
    • SuperHero58 (Не проверено) on Вск 09 Сен 2012
    • 10:08:37

    RE: Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    @ dragon-heart =
    Welcome to WOT
    I hope you stay with us a long time , but I am afraid that this conversation should be posted in General discussion
    I will like to add that WOT has a magnificent ES
    Thank you

  4. Изображение пользователя
    • Jazspeak on Вск 09 Сен 2012
    • 10:17:30

    RE: Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    The toolbar isn't necessary and is downloaded through a separate link on the Dogpile home page. The Dogpile search engine can be added to the browser without the toolbar - just don't click on the 'add toolbar' link.

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  5. Изображение пользователя
    • c۞g on Вск 09 Сен 2012
    • 16:10:04

    RE: Dogpile: Good Or Bad? Please help...

    Good; at least, WOT supports it's search results, check your Settings > Searching page

    As for the toolbar ...
    It's as invasive to privacy as Google's toolbar (IE, the FF toolbar has been discontinued)
    or using Google Chrome (toolbar built-in to browser)

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