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  1. Изображение пользователя
    • dorse on Втр 15 Авг 2017
    • 03:13:31

    Repeated sign in in Chrome after OSX upgrade

    Upgraded to OS X 10.12(.6) from 10.11.x and now, whenever I open Chrome WOT opens a new sign-up/login or something window.

    All of your cookies are kept in Chrome. In Extensions WOT is enabled. Why is this happening with Sierra and Chrome?

    No issue of this kind in any other browser. Mac Pro desktop, 32GB.

    Please advise.

    I can send a list of cookies if you tell me where to send them, one from Cookie, two from Chrome.


  1. Изображение пользователя
    • A440 on Втр 15 Авг 2017
    • 04:52:31

    RE: Repeated sign in in Chrome after OSX upgrade

    Even after I sign in, using the latest build of Opera, I keep getting these annoying nag windows for installing an add-on and I must literally reload the address to clear this out.
    This gets to be annoying as well.

  2. Изображение пользователя
    • Chas4 on Птн 20 Окт 2017
    • 23:10:33

    RE: Repeated sign in in Chrome after OSX upgrade

    Seeing the same thing in Safari (both macOS 10.12 & 10.13)

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