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    • Ponzoman on Срд 04 Окт 2017
    • 20:21:07

    Firefox Toolbar Button Grey and Google doesn't show ratings

    I have had this problem for a week or so. I noticed that Google search doesn't show WOT buttons at all and the Toolbar Button is grey. I can't activate the real time warning either. MyWOT is responsing if I click the (grey) Toolbar button.

    I've been using WOT for four years now so I'm not newbie but I may have done something very trivial. I have AVG Free (¤#@§*%!) and it shows continuous pop-ups that WOT is poorly rated addon and it wants me to remove it, which I haven't done. But I wouldn't be surprised if it caused this.


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    • NotBuyingIt on Чтв 05 Окт 2017
    • 01:23:44

    RE: Firefox Toolbar Button Grey and Google doesn't show ratings

    Please review the Settings (or Preferences) for your WOT extension for Firefox. When "Real-time protection" is disabled, the WOT icon in the browser's toolbar will remain grey. Be sure that you completely understand WOT's privacy policy before enabling Real-time protection.

     Data that is stored in the cloud may become lost in the fog.

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    • hitech_redneck on Вск 08 Окт 2017
    • 07:32:13

    RE: Firefox Toolbar Button Grey and Google doesn't show ratings

    I'm having the same issue as the OP in both Chrome and FF. Real-time protection is enabled in settings. In addition to the grayed-out button, scorecards are not available for popular sites that clearly should have a rating (Pinterest, FB, etc). Also for me, search engine result ratings are not showing up in any search engine (confirmed they are enabled in settings) in both Chrome and FF, and logging successfully is intermittent.

    There is a separate thread pertaining to these additional issues I"m having but it appears as though this is definitely a bug.