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  1. Изображение пользователя
    • hitech_redneck on Вск 08 Окт 2017
    • 07:43:55

    Is anyone from WOT on here? FF & Chrome extensions not working

    There are a few different threads with various FF & Chrome extension isssues.

    I just installed WOT in both FF & Chrome and am having these issues:

    - Website ratings in search engine results are not showing up. Settings are enabled. Tested in both Google & Bing, in FF & Chrome - both the same, not showing up.

    - WOT icon in Menu bar of both FF & Chrome is grayed out, and there is no score card available, for many popular sites (Pinterest, Facebook tested)

    - About 50% of the time over the past 48 hrs, I'm unable to log-in to WOT. It just keeps saying "processing" and goes on forever.

    Seems like there may be some server issue perhaps? Is anyone on here from WOT that can address these issues? I love the new UI/UX of the extensions but these bugs are kind of excessive. See other threads for similar issues!!!