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  1. Изображение пользователя
    • Haravikk on Чтв 26 Окт 2017
    • 14:21:43

    WoT Google Chrome Add-On Doesn't Include Rating?

    I've posted a handful of ratings for sites I know and trust via the latest WoT extension for Google Chrome, however in every case, no matter what options I choose, my reviews appear without any "I trust" or "I don't trust" rating.

    I have to go to the "View full scorecard" option and edit the review to add a rating. Am I doing something wrong? Should I switch to Classic WoT?

    It seems like a major deficiency if reviews are not submitted with a full rating by the extension, as it means an extra step is required that many users will miss, meaning large numbers of reviews being submitted without ratings at all.


  1. Изображение пользователя
    • Site-rater on Чтв 26 Окт 2017
    • 15:04:19

    RE: WoT Google Chrome Add-On Doesn't Include Rating?

    WOT 4.0 doesn't appear to save ratings under the logged in user last I checked; Classic WOT will.
    For reviews, it appears review text has been broken in the add-on for a while now.

    Until these flaws are fixed, I would recommend rating on the scorecard.