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  1. Изображение пользователя
    • nanophosis on Срд 22 Ноя 2017
    • 03:00:25

    "Flagging" Comments on User Profiles?

    I was looking at the scorecard comments of a website prior to rating it, and noticed a rather spammy-looking comment including an ad-hominem attack against others rating the site. Further inspection led me to this individuals' profile, where they had left a comment attacking political groups using inappropriate language. This comment obviously had nothing to do with WOT and/or web security and was not constructive in any way.
    That being said, my question is this: is there a way to "flag" these comments that I am missing, or does no such option currently exist? If there isn't an option to flag, I believe that it would benefit WOT to introduce such a feature.

    Thank you for reading. If I've made any sort of mistake or overlooked important information, please inform me.


  1. Изображение пользователя
    • Site-rater on Срд 22 Ноя 2017
    • 07:36:50

    RE: "Flagging" Comments on User Profiles?

    Perhaps it is possible that the underlying Drupal software simply does not offer that functionality?