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WOT Press Releases

  • 03/12/2008 Google Chrome Browser to Get Extensions - Web of Trust Among the Top 15 Add-ons
    Following up on promises made in September, Google has outlined plans to open their Chrome browser to third-party extensions. Web of Trust is included in an initial list of 15 add-ons that Google is targeting to support. Chrome's closest rival, Mozilla's open source browser Firefox, is popular because the browser can be extended with a multitude of add-ons. Web of Trust (WOT) has reached 2 million downloads since securing a place on Mozilla's coveted recommended add-on list. ... View more
  • 24/11/2008 WOT Releases Extended Protection for Web-Based Email Users
    WOT, Web of Trust, extends the security protection of its popular browser add-on to the top three Internet-based email services -- Google Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. WOT checks links embedded in email and warns users of dangerous websites to help them avoid spyware, spam, phishing, identity theft and other Internet fraud, before they risk clicking. ... View more
  • 17/09/2008 Epidemic of fake anti-malware products threaten Internet users
    The latest trend of security threats against Internet users employs software products which pretend to be security tools that help rid your computer of spyware. In a new video series, WOT shows what can happen to your computer if you visit a risky or dangerous site. In the first of these video presentations, you will see examples of online scams and malware threats in action, satisfying your curiosity while keeping your computer safe. ... View more