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Is cnet.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

CNET is the world's leader in tech product reviews, news, prices, videos, forums, how to's and more.

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cnet.com reviews 401
rioviasaopauloFri Jan 16 1970

once a great site , now requires Babylon adware toolbar to be installed on your computer each and every time that you download from C-net . This toolbar is very difficult to uninstall and now has many forums on the internet with customers complaining of the inability to uninstall this tool bar which you cannot opt out of when downloading anything from Cnet. This is disheartening because Cnet used to be one of my favorite sites on the web. There are many safe high quality download sites on the web from which to download free high quality software.

great site for free downloads!!

rishtonhammFri Jan 16 1970

I downloaded Google chrome portable PAF binary (exact file name: cnet_GoogleChromePortable_13_0_782_218_online_paf_exe.exe) file from CNET and the download ended up installing a infected toolbar (known as STARTNOW TOOLBAR, which I have been trying to get rid of all day. These practices are unacceptable in my eyes. I purchased downloaded lots of stuff through CNET in the past and they lost a valuable long time customer and a good rating from me. I have notified everyone I know to beware of these practices and I recommend you do the same.

ReprotectedWed Jan 14 1970

This site is like a newspaper for programs, sites and etc.

CNET is a fabulous place for software and hardware reviews, daily videos, safe and free downloads, and a variety of other things. It helped me get computer tips too! Certainly a safe site.

martiniqueThu Jan 15 1970

Rogue! http://download.cnet.com/Quad-Registry-Cleaner/3000-2094_4-10907730.html See here http://www.emsisoft.com/en/malware/Adware.Win32.QuadRegistryCleaner-remove.aspx

and others rogues

Download.com are financially motivated and DO NOT have the end users interests at heart – many downloads have found to be misleading, virused or not as described. Editor reviews are NOT impartial – they are for gain.

They now wrap downloads in their own installer which means they can install what they want on your computer – you can, of course, choose NOT to install their products but are we to trust a download site which will do this in the first place knowing fine well that a lot of users will not know the difference?. They are feeding off people's ignorance and inexperience rather than educating and protecting. Then again, you can't profit as much from educating and protecting!

Seattle JohnThu Jan 15 1970

Good source of info. I make it a habit to check in & see what's happening in techno-world.

Seems a good site

MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970

Poor customer support. Not very professional. They support the SOPA bill. Yet they distribute software that infringes copyright laws!!
Also all their downloads now include Blekko or Babylon Toolbars both should be removed immediately, due to privacy issues as well as the dodgy way it tricks users into installing it.
Download AdwCleaner and have them removed quick and easy!

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