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ON juge souvent la confidentialité ... Mais, si on régle bien les parametres et qu'on ne publie pas n'importe quoi (sur sa vie etc) et qu'on n'accepte pas n'importe qui.... Aucun probleme. APRES on le sais que FB revand certaines informations etc, mais CA .... c'est a presque tout les sites d'internet..
Too many new functions appear that potentially access our private details, photos etc and there is not enough done to protect it. We all know we are being spied on the minute we access a website so things not just on Facebook need to be much clearer and not with a mile long text - let's just cut that and get to plain basics allowing easy overview of what can be viewed by whom. Too much is accessible without the person even knowing it is...
i just love facebook :) it's the best social network for sure.
Apps from this site planted a rootkit and trojans on PC. Stay Away!!!
Most people have real life friends. People that they keep in touch with, do stuff with, have over for dinner, etc. Facebook and other applications like it are great for keeping in touch with what your kids are posting, but seriously, if you are over 18 and are spending a lot of time on Facebook - get a life! Or really, just remember what having a life was like and start doing that "stuff" again. Give your friends a call. They will be glad to hear from you. Even more than clicking "like" on the picture they posted of what they had for dinner.
There are too many pictures that could be considered nudity. I do not approve of seeing pictures of people in their underwear or less and using an arm or hand to cover up personal areas.
Free and for the most part safe to use social networking site, Unlike myspace which is outdated and unsafe. Just don't post personal information on your profile such as your phone number or address, nobody wants weird text messages or visits from creepy strangers at their door. Add only the people you know you can trust like your friends from school or your job. And you do not have to post every aspect about your life that you don't want others knowing like your boss for example. You can control your profile information, There's options to set your profile to be viewed Publicly, Friends only, or Completely private. Basically you have control over what information you want to stay hidden like your email address and information you are fine with showing like your name which is essential for people to find your facebook profile.
Das Bild hier ist leicht Softpornographisch http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=141857142689456&set=a.100308450177659.1073741826.100005955120023&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf
Spam to the provided email, annoying ads. Absolutely no respect for privacy.
fb Seems to have more than its share of hackers.
It's useful to stay in touch with your friends and family, but sometimes the applications can generate spam/scams and you can -accidentally- found unwanted photos (adult content, cruel pictures, racism). I reported many of those "photos" and Facebook said me that kind of content is allowed. So I think I'll give a neutral reputation.
Not reliable at all, sell the information to advertisers websites and the American government has not recommended especially for children who tend to give their true coordinates, No Prism and No Facebook. Pas fiable du tout, vends les informations aux sites publicitaires ainsi qu'au gouvernement Américain, a ne pas conseillé surtout pour les enfants qui ont tendances a donner leurs vrai coordonnées, No Prim, No Facebook.
The site we love to hate: One of the best ways to keep in touch with friend and vendors; one of the worst for nosing into your electronic business, changing tactics, and sharing your info -- unwantedly -- with others. Keep your your browser's privacy protections on "stun" setting.
Social trash... Destroys family values...
j'ai fermé mon compte faceboo??§§!!$$££¤¤// mais les imbéciles continuent à m'envoyer des messages d'invitation. j'en ai marrrrre de ce poison!!!!!!
First comment for me : The applications are not trustable. You can receive scam/adware INFECTIONS sent by your friends. This Site Privacy is really poor. ALL your INFOS will be sent to all the publicities regies
Too many fully irrelevant,uninteresting and at worst offensive advertisements about in FB.
Très mauvais site qui met toutes les données (photos,vidéos ou encore textes) publique. En plus on reçois des spam à volonté. Je vous le déconseille
Well who needs a police file when you just created the best personal profile any crook could ask for. Exp. vacation leaving dates. and upcoming events keying anyone in to where you are. where you were on your time off and personal time reflecting back on you at work, allowing your boss or jealous co workers to exploit it. It causes problems in many relationships, or ends them. Last but not least it will ruin your children on every level. They become disobedient and disrespectful. This is my opinion.
... in 14 days you get billed $80 for one and $40 for the other bottle.
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