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Is gameguidedog.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

The best video game walkthroughs, game help strategy guides, news and reviews

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gameguidedog.com reviews 62
roxane_295Thu Jan 15 1970

GameGuideDog is DEFINITELY NOT a scam. I am an 'older' gamer and sometimes need serious help and Game Guide Dog has always been there for me with simple instructions how to get myself out of trouble!! In 10 years I have been asked to make a small financial contribution twice and the return that I've had has been fantastic – how much does a walkthrough guide cost, especially for a top rated game when it first comes out! Go Game Guide!!!

kjgiardinoFri Jan 16 1970

Game Guide Dog – site is excellent. Extremely reputable and trustworthy!

fairbanks55Fri Jan 16 1970

This site has helped me with quite a few Video Game Stumbling Blocks. Well worth the Lifetime Membership

Marisse2025Fri Jan 16 1970

I have been using this site to find walkthroughs and when none exist, they make one in a reasonable time, so I find it is a great resource. When I have a question, I always get an answer and I am satisfied with this vendor. Even if some of the walkthroughs are free, the fact that this site makes a good compendium to find a good walkthrough is excellent for me. It is always the first place I check.

I have never had any spamming issues with this site.
It is great for me, a non gamer when my kids get stuck on a game and I can't help them

I have been a member for a couple of years and they have a lot of good guides.

I have had no problems ever with them, they have always been helpful and helped me recover my information when I forgot. My kids come on and get tips and helps. I am grateful for their site!! no need to worry about them. Some said they have gotten phishing stuff, and I have never had a problem. Maybe they had malware form someone Else's site./ but not from gameguidedog!

site has helped me through many games.

Gameguidedog is great guide.

I love this site – have used it for years and never had any problems with spam or other bad things. Not only is the site v child friendly it also has great guides (v useful for a mom!!) and their customer service is great too – very helpful (forgot my password one time or two!) – polite, friendly, and v reliable… definitely no qualms about letting my kids use this…. way to go gameguidedog – wish there were more like you!! two big thumbs up!!!

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


65 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100