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I got a virus by using this website. DO NOT USE. When I launched the free amongus like the idiot I am, I got a virus that opened up every startup showing a powershell window probably running another virus. It put a fake MEMZ txt on my downloads folder. Overrall this website is so sketchy. I got the virus 2 years ago, but i doubt the website has changed. And the positive reviews are from Games.LOL themself or people who havent noticed the virus. TLDR: Dont download this garbage. Please. Please. You dont want this crapware and malware.
Fuck off bro , my laptop get little slower after instailling this shit. Kontol lo
Games lol é sim seguro,e caso você não estiver conseguindo desinstalar,e só procurar com desinstalar no site oficial : https://support.games.lol/hc/en-us/articles/360001976355-How-do-I-uninstall-Games-lol- Espero ter ajudado ;)
i downloaded this website because i wanted to play subway surfers (i was little) and when i got it, my computer kept crashing and going very slow. I went to it and deleted it off my pc and the next day, it came back and kept popping up at random times. It also turned my camera on and was SPYING ON ME!!! do not get it
DO NOT DOWNLOAD it gave me multiple viruses and it popped up on my screen every time I opened my pc and when I deleted it it just came back again and again the only way to delete it By deleting the game and the lol apps files DO NOT DOWNLOAD
I wanted to play Hill Climb Racing 2 on my PC. I downloaded it at hillclimbracing2.io. I thought it's the official website of the game but no. It downloaded games.lol and I thought that it's really their launcher so I let it download some files. After that, my PC is running slow because it eats my RAM. Then I just realized that it is an emulator. After that I deleted ***** using Revo Uninstaller and there is so many registry files that is left after the uninstallation. I don't no much about this, but I think the registry files are the one who's trying to install the software again at itself when you have uninstalled it based on some recent reviews. So keep safe everyone if you want to play mobile games then just use legitimate emulators like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, and LDplayer.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD: I was like 8 years old and I wanted to play some gacha and then I downloaded games lol and it always crashed, was slow, and even downloaded things on my computer sometimes! After a while it deleted ALL my saved data on the apps I downloaded so I deleted Games LOL. Then, the next DAY it was RE-DOWNLOADED [ on its OWN ] it kept doing so until it's now gone! I suspect it is a malware/trojan virus and my computer still doesn't run properly! If you want a working PC DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!
I use this to play free games on pc. I don't encounter issues very often but it's true that they have games that are laggy. I don't think it's a virus. It's just that not all of their games are working, but hey that goes the same with other emulators like bluestacks and memu. So far, I play Design Home and June's Journey on ***** and both are working perfectly.
Dont download ***** its malaware and i got multiple virusus when i downloaded i had to get norton to exterminate the virusus
it ran he games, but very veyr slow. mby my computr. whenver i restrted cmy compteer, it poopped up. thne a virs cam. i dont blam ***** dough. sio it fair.
I downloaded ***** to play some mobile games on PC. But, It was really slow, they never marked why. They maybe made it intentional. Also, after that download, my computer started crashing more often. Whenever I restart it, it pops up on my homescreen, and a few days later, a real virus that I did not download, started on my computer. I had to get an anti-virus to get rid of the stupid malware. No, do not get Games.lol. I almost had to get a new computer because of it. (The real virus was sending bad images, and fake anti-virus "You have ____ viruses!" report.) If you want to play mobile games on PC, use BlueStacks or some other legit website. Edit: I forgot to mention, I could not use google anymore, since the real virus was infecting it. It is fine now, but I am now using Microsoft Edge.
If you're looking for an ACTUALLY GOOD emulator, don't get this garbage. It hides even when you try to delete it. I had to delete the folder containing the files, which was thankfully separated. You need a good PC to actually run games.lol, and it's safe to say that because it hides in your PC when you try to delete the application and it bypasses antivirus, it could be malware/trojan software. This is yet to be legitimately debunked, but after testing 10 rounds of CS:GO WITH the software and 10 WITHOUT, I can confirm that my PC drops by an average of 16 FPS, and that's on the lowest graphics setting. Safe to say that this only harms your performance for your PC, even if it's a solid build with a ton of RAM and RTX 3090 Ti, your performance is not safe.
i have the same opinon on here ive been tring to get ***** off my computer i did find this usful website and it heped a lot but its still bothering me by opening when i open my computer i got a detention at school because it opend up and the teacher came around dont dounload when i donladed it i was looking trou privey police and it told me icould find my info on a website and i forgt to look it up and i cant find the web page dont doanload if you sane!
I downloaded this because my friend recommended a game on this website, but every single time I get into my computer and try to get into meet for class it randomly deletes the tab I'm on and opens one for gameslol.com, and then I have to log in again and say sorry for a stupid website trying to force me to play it, also it's suspiciously slow and they don't state why this is why I don't like this website I hope you can be careful with this website, also one more thing one time when I was trying to play among us it glitched my headphones and static started to play then my headphones suddenly went down to 10% left even tho it was at full before this is the worst website and I totally don't recommend this, guys never trust this
I am 9 years old and im going to play Among us but need to pay to play it.. Luckily, when i saw ***** application free app that can play among us online, i follow the steps and it really worked!! I can play Among us on pc now!! Although i feel it is very safe and i downloaded few games, like Gacha life, Gacha club, And Roblox online. Also the steps are very easy and I really love it! (I already share about this on YouTube, so check my channel Tiffany Seraphine!) I recommend you to download it, so please download it too, just search ***** and click the top link on Google I really trust the site
So I’m a gamer alright, I didn’t play ha ha life and I wanted to download it, after I got it on my pc for free it has a breakdown everything went wrong this is a bad website don’t download!!!
Hi everyone! This is ***** support and I’d like to assure you guys that ***** is safe. It’s simply an application that allows you to play mobile games on your PC for free. Our application has been tested by multiple antivirus providers to ensure that it is safe. Also, if you find ***** suspicious just because it automatically starts on your computer, you can actually turn off the ""Run ***** when my computer starts" feature. https://support.games.lol/hc/en-us/articles/360002063015-How-do-I-stop-Games-lol-from-automatically-starting- Lastly, you can also contact us through our Help Center page (https://support.games.lol/hc/en-us) should you experience any issues with Games.lol.
So I downloaded it because I wanted to play among us, whenever I started playing I was starting to get second thought about games.lol so I deleted it and it kept popping up on my computer, I started thinking to give games.lol second chances so I played more games. I then found out that there is nothing wrong with it and its completely safe. I saw a bunch of bad reviews so Im probably just really lucky. Anyway games.lol worked for me so.. yeah
Guys, the people who are voting 5 stars might be lucky or there just probably bots. games.lol is NOT safe. I uninstalled it and it downloaded again. [BY ITSELF] Its pretty weird. Please don't download it. Edit: Alright so I decided to edit this because It's actually good. You can uninstall it and I don't see what is wrong with it anymore. Here is the site to learn how to uninstall it: https://support.games.lol/hc/en-us/articles/360001976355-How-do-I-uninstall-Games-lol-
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